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    Military wife, four children, proud of her soldier
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    Fort polk Military base
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    poetry, camping, reading, writing, sewing, antique shopping...
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  1. Many years ago, when I was a teen I ranaway from home, to follow a dream. Caught the Greyhound bus With seven dollars in my pocket, Most who knew me then called me Cheryl Lockett. I went to Hollywood to be amongst the stars, Walked the Boulevard dodging rich man cars. I got in trouble trespassing on a Warner Brothers set, Went back again on a homeless buddies bet. Motorcycle cop approached me, my heart skipped a beat, How would I have known, a Duke I would meet. He offered me his friendship,I excepted with a smile, Saved me from the cop, we visited for awhile. I watched the Dukes being chased by Roscoe P Coltrane, I laughed so hard that day, I returned again. Not trespassing this time, John was called for permission, To have me legally on the lot by his verbal admission. My hero is a Duke...of Hazzard known to most Bo, He saved me when I trespassed thirty-two years ago.
  2. Welcome to HazzardNet :).

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