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  1. Email sent, looking for a Dixie disc. Thx

  2. I have 5 Jubil Aire Dixie tune disc for sale 35.00 plus shipping if you want one let me know This is the the first Dixie tune disc that was made
  3. I have a Jubil Aire horn Dixie tune disc for sale I had it made from a factory tune disc at a machine shop This cost me alot of money up front to make the 1st Dixie tune disc it sounds like the first 5 tv show of The Dukes of Hazzard So if you have a Jubil Aire horn and you want the General Lee Dixie sound get this disc This Dixie tune disc is rare and it is spot on the sound This is no junk part that someone with a drill and a plastic lid made a tune that is some what of a sound This is right on the sound Thanks Leedog
  4. The Dixie tune disc that you put up I think that is the 2nd one that Jubil Aire made The 1st Dixie tune disc is what I am taking orders on and I talked with the shop and the price in 100.00 now plus the disc will be made closer to the factory stuff it was made out of I will not make it out of aluminum
  5. A set of Jubil Aire with a Dixie tune disc just sold for 800.00 on E bay
  6. Well I was the same way But before I got my Jubil Aire I had a WoLo and a Stebel air horn I took the tops off of both horns and they had metal tune disc Aluminum is light weight and soft May have to oil more but the shop can make it out of some other stuff but the price will go up The shop told me it would cost 225.00 to make one disc This is why I need lots of orders to get the price down and then who ever wants a disc can have one at a fair price I wish I could make this out of wood
  7. The Jubil Aire was the air horn used for the General Lee in the tv show The Dukes of Hazzard If you have a Jubil Aire musical air horn and would like a copy of the 12 note Dixie tune disc I am taking orders The copy will be made of aluminum and the price for each disc will be based on how many orders I get the more orders the lower the price will be Thanks
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