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  1. hello friend

    good luck you have to see many cars in MUCL

    clalles in your city, here in Argentina the gtx was the most

    but it's a big to-body, and I have for the project,

    I'm going to disarm and change by all parties extriores

    dodge charger parts new 69, brought from China, no

    I have them but I'm still working on that week

    last I got the grill in front of 69, I have the

    tail light and headlight pisicion some baguetas

    chrome and emblems, and most importantly, all 4 tires

    new vector, american racing, 2004, changed it to 318

    a 440 by 1979, does not equal the general lee but

    similar. all take many years but will be a great car

    my general lee, thanks for your message, say hi to your

    family, a hug


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