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    Cars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Animals, writing and music
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    Semi-retired Vet Tech / Assistant

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  1. My Favorite Duke...Hmmm...that's a toughy. Well, Bo and Luke take first place. (Varries on my mood) My Second favorite character is Enos. (What a sweety) And Third would be Cooter. Fourth...well that's Flash.
  2. Hey All, I'm Angelica..most just call me Ange. I have been a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard since it first aired all those years ago. As it says above...I am a Canadian. I live in Ontario and well lets see...I am an Admin of a Stargate Site as well as an owner of one of my own Sci-Fi sites. Funny enough the Stargate site is also on vBulletin®. I am not very good at these introduction things...so ah, if ya got a question just ask.
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