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  1. Here is a list of the towns in Hazzard County: Hazzard Colonial City Cedar City Greenriver Coreyville Are there anymore villages or settlements in Hazzard County that I did not mention?
  2. Roger, I watched Sittin' Dukes and Uncle Jesse is talking to Daisy in the jail cell and is apparently telling her a story and says "....and then your Aunt Clara..." So it leaves a great deal of possibilities. I started a family tree at Duke Family Tree. CHECK IT OUT. If anyone has any name suggestions, please post. Need names for all the cousins parents, Bo, Luke & Jud, Jeb Stuart, Daisy, Coy, and Vance. BE CREATIVE THINK SOUTHERN!! Be sure to add birthdays, not years though, and the mothers need maiden names. Don't use your own name and birthdays please!! THANKS!! Commissioner R.J. King
  3. Hey welcome to Hazzardnet, sorry I didnt say this earlier, real life's been a pain in the butt and stopped me getting on here LOL. Hope you enjoy yerself ;)

  4. NOTE: The race between Uncle Jesse and Boss in supposed to go into Hatchapee County, but when they meet at Cooter's to discuss the route Cooter says "with one invasion into Choctaw County, that's Sheriff Loomis' territory." Isn't Sheriff Loomis, Hatchapee County Sheriff? And why isn't Hatchapee County on the map? Maybe Hatchapee County had an agreement with Choctaw County that Sheriff Loomis' jurisdiction would be Choctaw County as well? But in Double Sting there is Choctaw County Sheriff Emmett Ragsdale, so maybe Choctaw County got rid of him and just used Hatchapee County.
  5. Season 2, Episode 1 Days of Shine and Roses Locations: Grand County Hatchapee County Calico Junction Choctaw County (see note at the bottom) Willet Bridge Badger Crossroads, near Highway 104, on Pine Hollow Road Rivers & Lakes: Miller's Swamp Hard Labor Creek Mud River ? Roads: Highway 104 Swamp Road Mud River Road Pine Hollow Road People: Chief Batchley, Grand County Sheriff Emmitt "Spike" Loomis Abel, retired revenue agent Homer Sam, bartender Businesses/Organizations: Old Time Ridgerunner's Association Shortie's All Night Rib Shack Hazzard County Impound Yard Season 2, Episode 2 Gold Fe
  6. In Baa Baa White Sheep, Luke and Daisy have to go into Finchburg County, which is over the state line. I looked up Finchburg, AL and there is such a place, and there is no Finchburg in Tennessee. So I believe that Hazzard County bordered both Tennessee and Alabama. I believe Tennessee bordered Hazzard because of the Beaudrys lived in Tennessee, and Rosco still had jurisdiction until the state line. But then there is the problem of Choctaw County, it is on the northwestern border of Hazzard County. So perhaps Choctaw County was only bordered by one Georgia county, Hazzard, and Alabama and Tenn
  7. Quick correction to my list, Boss's great grandfather is Harry Hogg, not Henry Hogg. Commissioner R.J. King
  8. From Baa Baa White Sheep, Great Aunt Emma Lou Hogg, Abraham and J.D.'s grandfather's sister, never married, was called "Miss" by Judge Truten. Abraham and Boss were born on April 6, 1926. Abraham is 5'5" and weighs 200lbs. Commissioner R.J. King
  9. Hey Roger, Are there any Duke relatives that you have knowledge of that I did not list on this forum? And does anyone know Jesse's wife's name Martha or Lavinia? Commissioner R.J. King
  10. Season 2, Episode 16 Treasure of Hazzard Locations: Denton's Farm, purchased by the Weatherby Family later on. Jesse's grandmother grew up on the farm. Indian's Bluff renamed to Henderson Ridge, south of Weatherby Farm. Cumberland Marker. Joshua Duke born here. Old name. Wayside Chapel, burned December, 1873 Zack's Landing, entrance to the marsh. Colonial City, over ten miles from Duke farm. Dalton's Mill, formerly Wayside Chapel Rivers & Lakes: Willow Creek Marsh (no name, any help?) 1 mile wide, 10 miles around. Roads: Mill Road, Lester Crabb mentions the Dukes live on this road, Daisy l
  11. thanks for accepting my friend request.

  12. Aunt Kate Duke is mentioned in "To Catch a Duke" Aunt Lavinia Duke is mentioned in "Return of the Ridge Raiders" **Jesse hasn't spoken to her in over 20 years, what could fo caused that? Commissioner R.J. King
  13. I guess that will make it more fun when I make the Strate Family Tree, more creativity. Thanks Roger for the mentions of Enos' aunt and uncle. Commissioner R.J. King
  14. Season 1, Episode 9 Limo One is Missing Locations: Choctaw, old iron ore mining town. Ore disappear 60 years ago (1919). Collyer's Corner Tucker Ridge Roads: Weatherly Road Choctaw Road (leads up to the old mining town, dead ends) County Road ? Businesses: Hazzard County Feed and Seed, next to Boars Nest (later moved to the town of Hazzard post-1979) People: Pettigrew Family, farmers. Season 2, Episode 20 Return of the Ridge Raiders Locations: Pine Ridge Roads: Capitol City Highway Frontage Road Cumberland Alley Businesses: Hogg Mining Company (555-6500) Hazzard Theatre (In Town of Hazzard) Ha
  15. Thats Commissioner King!! haha, RJ is just fine. I have read most of those posts in the past, when I didn't have the whole series on DVD. Will post my notes on this forum!!
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