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  1. Red


    Dont you all have a place to post for car shows for general lees ?
  2. Here is a link to the Mopar event http://www.motortopia.com/events/view/e/2615/i/mopars_in_may and here is a link to the event i would like to see you all at following that event http://www.motortopia.com/groups/view/id/775/i/bandit_run_2009 I am a mod there and Both Sponsors and Area 57 are VERY excited about this esp. the way the economy is combining a show is agreat idea and i know i love both cars.
  3. How about everyone meeting up at the Mopar event in Branson.Mo Year One is a sponsor as well as Restore a Musclecar there will be a Dukes of Hazzard movie played on Saturday or Sunday Night . Then for those of you who live near Atlanta we will head there with The Bandit Run to The year One Experience Area 57 will take care of everything if they wanted to do a Dukes Fest or you could set up rejistration through Year One that is who will do The Bandit Run Rejistration The theme of the show in Branson is The General vs Th Bandit
  4. Doesnt have to be a Trans am we are really wanting to combine the general lee cars esp. this year and even have a Mopar event planned the previous couple days for The Bandit Run in Branson we had ageneral on the first run and now we want as many as we can get so we are planning a combined show in Branson Mo to kick off the run !

  5. Intersecting too bad I don't have a Trans Am thow.

  6. Red


    Well i would love to get involved i would like to see a Hazzerd Reunion in Branson Mo.. You all cold team up with The Bandit Runners and we could have agreat time..The weekend before i would like to do this there is even a Mopar Show I have a couple sponsors lined out !
  7. Hey Thanks for the warm welcome !

    Not alot going on here , I do a run call The Bandit Run and would love to get some Hazzard County people to come along.

    We are starting in in Branson Mo , going to Braselton Ga for the Year One experience,

  8. hey there Red, what's going on with you.

  9. Red


    Juat wanted to say HEY YALL !! Just came across the site and remember all my friday nights watching the Dukes
  10. hey welcome to Hnet hope you enjoy your stay

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