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  1. Without a beard donning mustache only Denver played Briscoe Darling on the Andy Griffith Show! Returning Role. With the same looked as Uncle Jesse Denver played Mad Jack with his companion Donkey Ole No. 7 on Grizzly Adams. Returning Role. Then on to the Dukes of Hazzard. Denver had tons of small cameo's on classic westerns as well.
  2. Don't forget that James as well as Denver were both on a bunch of classics and westerns like, Andy Griffith, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Riffle Man, etc.
  3. Hey Dukefan, I used to be like you in a lot of ways, DieHard Fan, never able to get to Dukesfest but wanted to badly, and didn't care too much for COY and VANCE. As a teen John Schneider Came to a City next to the small town I lived in, this was early in his career. I had a white ford pick-up like Uncle Jesse's my Dad had gave me when I got my drivers lic. I drove the truck through our old dirt/gravel roads like the Dukes. Anyway I jumped in my truck and headed to the Chevy Dealership who had John to appear it was only 18 miles away. This was my chance to see BO DUKE! I got there was 16 and backwards stood a few feet away no security very easy flow. I Froze and wouldn't approach him. FastForward to 2006! Financially I was at my lowest, due to market trends my company folded in April 06 it was the closest that Dukesfest had ever been to my home, and I already was planning to go. After loosing my only income and the fact that the Event was only two months away, I was determined to go. I worked feverishly at home on my computer working on an Ideal to get to Nashville, TN a month later I had it and put together a contest for a family to win TIX to Dukesfest while calling and e-mailing for sponsorship I had a contest that rivaled CMT's give-a-way! This got me an appointment with Ben Jones Dukesfest Creator at his new Cooter's in Nashville that had opened a year earlier. Not only did I have a really great prize pack to give away I raised enough money to take my Family my two girls were big fans of the reruns. Once there I represented my New Advertising Company as a Media Liaison for my Contest. The show was so big because of Tom's first ever appearance, They needed tons of extra help although I already had free Media Passes I volunteered to help. My teen girls and their friend worked the gates, and I worked Security for none other than Tom Wopat (LUKE) how cool is that. I know this is a long one for my first one but after reading your plea I had to sign on. I agree with the responses that its a Dukes thing and am a Firm Believer that God will give us the desires of our heart. Turn that Desire into Determination and All things are possible with God. You have got to buy a copy of Ben Jone's new Book! www.cootersplace.com and you'll see that he was near death came to know the lord and then the role of a lifetime came his way (Cooter) on The Dukes of Hazzard. Since 06 times were good but come June times were tight again and we slept in the car my youngest daughter and I but we couldn't miss Dukesfest 07. The same for this year and we had to drive to Atlanta lot further but couldn't miss, and we slept in my Van this time as I was laid off. I still do Marketing & Promotions since 06 and Tom was there again and his same people ask me to help with Security. I was delighted to. The moral of this is never give up! Wanting to go to Dukesfest bad enough made my creative juices flow and started a new business after loosing my 12 year old Company. As for the Cast. I have every Autograph of the living originals plus stunt drivers and extra's and this year I got Don Pedro Colley (Sheriff Little) and Byron Cherry (COY DUKE) and John shed a little light on the replacements Coy and Vance on Stage, and I quote: "Even though Tom and I were working on a pay thing and the studio decided to do an unprecedented talent search I told them that they could look at all they wanted but would end up with a good friend of mine... that friend is Byron Cherry! And they did." The fact that John and Byron were both from Atlanta area and were friends was an awesome fact to know Sat June 28th 2008 because first thing Sunday morning I went straight to Byron's Booth and Intrduced myself and asked if he would sign my friends newly completed GENERAL LEE and he couldn't believe he was the first Cast Member to sign, a first for him. He was a special person really a part of the cast in a crunch and a personal pick from Bo to play his cousin Coy. So let up on Coy and Vance and Seek and ye show find Jesus is the truth light and the WAY!
  4. Welcome to Hazzard County, watch out for the General and the Sheriff is right behind them as well.