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  1. that cool i did post on forums but i dont see it there i thought all summer long be intresting theme song to play for dukes of hazzard haha

    dont know why just do what u think

  2. nm tired got my dukes of hazzard dvd collection complete movies reniouns and all sorry been so long since i eben here been busy tired lot personal stuff happening

    i been watching dukes on dvd though what about u

  3. i just thought of perfect theme song for dukes of hazzard if they ever made new show or movie all summer long by kid rock i listened ot it few times and be perfect what u all think anyone ever hear this song
  4. dusty im going be ok just that im having some issues here not with anyone of u but with boss hogg Enos oh uncle boss oh what he dod im sure if he did something wrong it can not be that bad and duke family wil help fix it up soon as they can. dusty he forclosed on my farm back in wheesaw county and may loose my house and my father might loose his job if i give him 2000$ rent money we going loose everything. dusty my father real sick and with mama not haivng job noway we going be able paythat money we going loose everything.i dont know what to do. cue anyone
  5. ooc whos dusty lol. michael dusty hey been long time where u been wow u look great been what few years hasnt it me and kitt was just out for some rest relaxsation am guys this ol friend of mine dusty we have not seen each other for quite some time u look great how everyone back home.
  6. enos yeah duke family well known around hazzard country very loving family i can let u follow me there if u like give me chance see daisy again she is their cousin and i never saw talking car before that real neat Michael yeah well thanks enos we follow u there and then we get to meet the dukes family and continue from there just wondering why they sound so familer.thanks again enos. he gets back in kitt puts sun roof down and talks to kitt michael kitt hey do me favor please run a scan on the dukes family here n hazzard mabye il find out why they sound so familer and perhaps any other info u can bring up. kitt right away michael tbcby julie or anyone
  7. enos well we got a f ew homes u can stay in but safest place u can stay in is uncle jesse farm also where duke boys live and cousin daisy. michael duke farm il have to check it out thanks enos is it we just got in town n lookign to relax n have some fun. kitt hope the farm animals dont want stay in me and use me as their door mat i just got my tires cleaned michael relax kitt the farm animals here are friendly proably think your a 2 ton black fire hidregrent. cue julie duke or anybody
  8. how about a happy days meets dukes cross over rosco can sub for sheriff kirk boss hogg tries buy arnolds turn it in2 boars nest bo luke take some girls to insperation point potsie ralph richie try hit on daisy lol what u think
  9. cool thanks il read it soon anyone got any favorite episods of dukes of hazzard
  10. i forget when i became a fan i remembe every episode i would liked to see a knight rider crossover now that be cool or dukes visit dallas since their both country . or remember when hogg tried take mels diner have cast from alice visit hazzard for revenge on hogg help from duke boys lol. u know guy who playd bo duke in dukes movie n 2005 heis marrying a modle i know i forget her name she was at walmart few tiems sgning autograhs i got one now if i can find it cool huh. also got dukes die cast car warnor bros videos dukes shirt hat general lee postor hanging above my pc and jessica simpson on my wall lol and enos agent on my space
  11. hello hows it going i got lot of them not from dukes but from othe tv stars i got a pic with all doh ppl on it and the remote control car which is cool. i been waching dukes since i was a kid i stil tune in2 my dvds when i get a chance.wouldnt mind have family like them nmy family.lot crossovers i would like see with doh im glad there is site to talk about it and all.how long u all been duke fans
  12. howdy everyone im Mike first time postor here i love doh much as next persn i got all dvds tv show soundtrack 5 videos on tape i watch them when ican and also got mr john schneiders personal autograph picture im glad to be here
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