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  1. I never really noticed the thing with the clothes. i've only seen about 6 episodes, since it originally went off the air when i was 10 or 11. so my memory isn't gonna be too good on some aspects of the show, but i do remember watching it everytime it was on and really enjoying it. thinking about what i just wrote it's kinda amazing that i even remember Coy and Vance at all much less what color their car was. i don't worry too much about continuity in tv shows being a Star Trek fan wouldn't be as much fun if i did.
  2. The issue came up because someone in Scotland got into an arguement with someone at work about it. It was on a Roleplaying Game site(on their general subjet forum) not a Dukes related site. From what was said the car was in more then one episode, which is what made me think of Coy and Vance's car. the thread has already fell off the page, and other ickier subjects have taken over
  3. I took a look at your site, very nice The question on the other board jogged my memory, I knew they'd had a car when they got there just not sure about the color. it's been a long time i've seen the show(used to have a couple of the videotapes, that my dad bought me but they didn't get kept very long ). I'll be sure to stick around a while
  4. Thanks for the Welcome. I got into a discussion on another board, about there having been a blue car driven by the Duke boys at some point. They asked about it and everyone else said there wasn't a blue car PERIOD. i just figured they were a bit confused about which Dukes drove a blue car, but couldn't remember for sure if Coy and Vance's car was blue or not. Thanks.
  5. What color was coy and vance's car? any other info on that car would be appreciated as well. thanks