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  1. The General by far would win the race. I really don't think Bandit could beat Bo and Luke. Not only were they on the Nascar Circuit but they have experience with off road racing and just plain driving
  2. Supernatural Dukes Of Hazzard Smallville MacGyver Knight Rider
  3. watched last night's episode and I'd have to say it's my favorite so far this season. The action and suspense in it had me hanging on throughout the whole thing and kept me wanting more. I can't wait to find out what the big secret is that John told Dean in the end of the season premiere. The writer's do know how to keep everyone coming back for more. There of course were some good lines delivered by Dean as well as some good brother moments. I can't wait till Supernatural returns in January. From what I hear it will be the 14th.
  4. I have to say tonight's episode was fantastic and full of it's usual suspense. I could see what it was doing to Dean, having to deal with the guilt that his father had given his life up for his. I felt bad for what Dean must have been going through. I'm looking forward to more new episodes this season but unfortunately we have to wait two weeks before we get to see a new one. December 7th is when the next one airs
  5. Name: Jess HNet name: Country_Cousin Age: 25 Location: York, PA Occupation: Waitress Married or Single: Single Children: none Favorite Movie: Dukes Of Hazzard Reunion Favorite Music: Country. Toby Keith, John Schneider, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, Faith Hill Favorite T.V. Show: Dukes of Hazzard, Supernatural, Smallville Hobbies: Reading, Horseback Riding, Hanging out with my friends, Roleplaying
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