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  1. Heard John signed a deal with Wal-Mart, but if you go to John's website and click on his web store at some point you'll be able to buy it there too.
  2. Don't forget to buy Collier and Co it's the best family movie EVER!!!!
  3. Same here this will be my first DukesFest! I'm so excited!!!! I'm most excited about meeting John Schneider!!!!!!
  4. Here is my web site I made for John. http://www.JohnSchneiderAwesomeFanPage.bravehost.com anyone can join the board.
  5. Anyone else help support the Children's Miracle Network knowing that John is the co founder? I LOVE to support CMN cause if not for John I wouldn't be here today. I am SO excited to finally meet him! I'll finally get to thank him in June!
  6. Thank you so much. I know he will appreciate it so much.
  7. Hello everyone- I have a prayer request. I woke up this morning and found out one of my new best friends had to go to the hospital. It would mean so much to me and to my best friend for your prayers. He has been a great friend for even the short amount of time I've known him. He like me was born early & is a fan of John Schneider. Thank you for reading this post.
  8. Besides Dukes there is Extreme Makeover Home Edition 7th Heaven Gilmore Girls Smallville (when John's on) Three Wishes Threes Company etc!
  9. Any other fans of John have any types of instant messangers?
  10. Ok curiosity has gotten the best of me. How did he save your life??? Enquiring minds want to know. If you've heard of the Children's Miracle Network. John is the co founder so if CMN wasn't founded a lot of people that they helped raise money for so that the money could help buy the equipment to help keep them alive. Little babies born premuturely (myself) that need incubators (not sure if it's spelt right) to stay alive, etc. So the day I meet him is going to be a very special day for me. If you need more help to understand it may I suggest checking out http://www.cmn.org hope that will help understand more in case my description did not help you.
  11. I got my tickets. This is my first DukesFest! I'm SO excited!!! I can't wait to meet everyone esp John Schneider!!!
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