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    Helping Bo get rid of Rosco
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    Dukes Of Hazzard, Bo Duke, John Schneider, My horse
  1. John is definitely the better Bo Duke. No one can replace him. They can try but no one will ever be able to take his place and in my opinion they shouldn't even try
  2. I'll be staying at home and watching the Dukes marathon on CMT and just plain relaxing after all the Christmas stress. What better way to relax then watching The Dukes.
  3. I sure hope this years Dukefest ain't the last one cause my sister and I are definitely going and if all the cast are gonna be there this year I wanna meet them all
  4. *smiles* I thought that brown shirt looked so good on him though I have no idea why he didn't wear it anymore after the first epsiode.
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