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  1. Thanks for the response and that you love the team...I do also! Actually grew up in Ann Arbor....... I was actually asking if there are fans on this site who live in Michigan. Sorry again should have reworded it! I would love to chat with ya'all!! katz
  2. Just posting if there are any Michigan fans out there. If so, write to this post. Thanks ya'all! katz
  3. I do have an entire video of the fest..especially from the inside of a Lee during the GL drive around on Saturday night. I went with another member of another dukes site in his car and we had fun.
  4. Just wondered if there is anybody who is from Michigan. I would love to chat!! katz
  5. Sorry I have not posted much since I joined a couple years ago. I was still duke crazy....i did go to dukesfest and I had a BLAST!!! DID I SAY I HAD A BLAST??? I met John for the first time..and he is just super!!! Most of the rest of the cast, I have met before..Jimmy came to Michigan and I loved meeting him!! Have fun ya'all katz
  6. I was wondering if a phone call or email to the tv station that aired it? I don't know the station. Any clues as to narrowing it down? katz112
  7. 1981 Family feud with Richard Dawson Sorrell, Jimmy, John, Cathy and Tom all were on the show feuding with ...I can't remember what show..I think it's the cast of Little House.O.T P.-but not sure. It is in the Dukes Book from 97'. Please read the book to find the right page it's on. I have a 24 people birthday party to get ready for tomorrow...so my brain is somewhere else tonight. LOL. Any other recordings? I am open to knowing. There is another where Sorrell and Jimmy made a guest appearance on "Alice"...does anybody have that ep? Ok, take care ya'all
  8. Hi I am looking for the Family Feud taping that the Dukes cast did back in 1981. Does anyone have that taping? I am willing to pay for the copy. Also-any fans who would like to chat dukes stuff- respond back! I live in Michigan. I am a fan of John, and I also loved the comedy team of Rosco and Boss! katz112
  9. I accidently bought a TX for the Dukesfest and need to sell it. I have a friend who is driving down in his cop car and therefore I don't need a TX. If interested, I have the TX for sale on the ticketmaster website's ticket's 4 sale page. www.ticketmaster.com Or log onto Cooter's webpage and find ticketmaster's site that way. My TX will be available on Monday Feb 6th. Thanks for your help!
  10. Jimmy will be at the car show in South Bend, IN on March 25th, is anyone going? If so, maybe we all can meet at the show! Dukes fans unite!
  11. OK, I will send my prayers to you for him.
  12. I was watching the ep..."$10 million dollar sheriff"..and thought...about the scene where Steele-steals the General and replaces it with his...Isn't HE doing the stealing in the first place? Anymore weird or unnoticed scenes??
  13. I would like to share my pic's with other fans who either didn't know or could not go due to some other previous engaement. But, I would like to mention to the Indiana and Michigan fans that Jim will be in South Bend, IN on March 25th. I don't know who else is going, but check out websites for info. I also have a video of the pic that Jimmy did if anybody is interested. Thanks! http://public.fotki.com/tvandmoviecars/automotive/car_shows/grand_rapids_autora/january_14_2006/page2.html
  14. I wanted to mention that on the main page of this website....you missed one name. Sonny Schroyer WAS also at the Car Show..at the same place where Jimmy was. I met Jimmy and he was real nice. I asked for a pic with him, but the line was real long...so I understood. I stayed after since my friend had his car on display for both actors, and was working crowd control. I got some pic's of Jimmy's pic that he drew while there and he so nicely chatted to me about wabting to auctioning it off and giving the money to charity. I look forward to meeting Jimmy again at the car show in South Bend IN...about 1 hour drive south of me. Sonny was real cool also. I am not sure if he is in South Bend also..but I am sure he is busy in whatever he does each weekend. Thanks! Andrea
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