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  1. I got them already a while ago. I like the one in Hollywood better. They are both good, but 2nd one was alot better IMO.
  2. I got them already a while ago. I like the one in Hollywood better. They are both good, but 2nd one was alot better IMO.
  3. Luke had a brother??? What episode does he show up in??
  4. I have not seen enough to have a fav cause I want to see as many as I can lol. I really really want to see a movie he did in 1996, tv movie, Legend of Ruby Silver, just cant get it
  5. I dont think John and Tom would ever be a part of anything having to do with a remake. They are and always will be to themselves Bo and Luke. They loved their time on the show. Most people hate being remembered for one character, but they dont. John's General Lee even says, "Bo's General Lee" not John's. I do not believe whatsoever that Tom has said anything or done anything in way of talking bad about the show. Tom is extremley busy. And just because he isnt at every single Duke related thing doesnt mean he's Anti-Duke, or not wanting to be associated. If that was teh case, he wouldnt be in the season 3 DVD extra's, or season 4. Its not like you get paid alot of money to do extra;s. If it was all about money, they would charge 50-300 bucks for tickets to Dukefest. And they dont. Every other convention, show reunion type thing, tickets cost in the 100's. Not Dukefest. Its about the show, the fans, who love Dukes getting together. Having fun. And at the same time, they cant do thing for free all the time. What kind of buisness sense would that be. As for a sequal I rather not have one. And again, John I know for sure, as he's said it on the CMT Insider, how the show was something you could take your family to, and that Dukefest is as safe as it was back then, now because of the environment. John takes pride in the fact that it was a 'good show.' Not good as in good bad show, but good as in morals.
  6. Chapter 12 is up. I wont be posting updates here anymore, see the site for more info. Thx
  7. Sorry, I meant to send them to Home Depot. Cant find anywhere to mail things to Home Depot.
  8. I WANT TO BE THERE!! DAMN!! Yes pictures would be great! Dixie, if you'd be so willing to share, I could put them on my John site, giving u credit of couse! I want to see John in that shirt, and hear him sing, see him sing live. Though my dreams dont seem to be as lucky as John's dreams have been lol.
  9. Yeah as I said, I'd never believe it was about Money. They all loved the time on Dukes, and the fans. Or Dukefest would not exsist. I mean tickets to that is only 15 bucks. As all other show reunions, get togethers they want 50 to 500 bucks for events.
  10. Well Ive heard some of the cast say they werent asked to do or be inculded in the movie at all. And I dont know about you, but I believe someone like John, then some WB exec. I know E! aired a Dukes thing a few weeks back, but I MISSED IT! It was at 3am for me, and I missed it.
  11. I was looking foward to the new stuff, as I dont own any of the old. But if the new General lee and Daisys jeep wont have the decals, then I wont get them. I wouldnt know how to make my own decals.
  12. New and more ideas to help Save John. POST CARD CAMPAIGN! Post cards have been used in many campaigns to save a show, or something else important to fans. If your willing to spend a few bucks on a postcard, and stamps, send a postcard, HOWEVER I am having a hard time getting an address to send them too. If anyone can find one, please let me know.
  13. Ok we all know that EVIL WB did not contact any of the original cast to try and incule them, which IMO is very disrespectful. Anyone know if the US premiere has been had? I wonder if they are inviting the original cast. I mean, to have the movie premiere with a grip of stars, and not invite the Original Cast, would be HORRENDOUS!! Disrespectful, and rude. Dont you think?
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