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The Enos Strate Appreciation Foundation

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I know i1976 was talking about last year how no one seems to be talking about Enos on here. I agree. We need MORE ENOS!

So...I'm proud and pleased as punch to introduce:

The Enos Strate Appreciation Foundation forum on fanfiction.net.

Now, I know there are a couple other forums on ff.net for Enos/Daisy, etc., but they all seem to be dead. Since I'm a fanfic addict, and I'm always on there, I thought maybe I'd try my hand at one. Plus, y'all know how much I love Enos, right? Okay, so some of ya' do.

I think you might have to log in to join the forum, but you can read it without. Although, the more posts, the better the forum will be...so don't be a lurker!

Anyone who's logged in can start a thread, just so it has something at least vaguely to do with him. This is a forum for Enos lovers, not "my" forum so if there's something you want to talk about or questions, etc., post it.

Also, there's a place to link your own fanfic here (as long as Enos is at least a main supporting character). I know there's not too much out there, so ya' know, beggars can't be choosers as far as the fanfic being exclusively about Enos, or him and Daisy, or him and ?.

(Make sure you read the first post about posting a link not on ff.net. Outside links aren't supported, so you'll need to put it in quotation marks without the http to get around that.)

See you there :)

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