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The Great Hazzard County Job Search


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A green 1974 Plymouth RoadRunner roared around a corner into the main area of town. Leaving long black stripes on the ground, the driver pulled it into a parking space with expert precision. Out climbed long-haired rocker Duane Cooper, searching for a job after a few rather eventful weeks in Hazzard. Carrying his 1964 Gibson Firebird III electric guitar over his shoulder, he pulled a crumpled up note out from his pocket and stuck it on the town notice board with a thumbtack. The note read:


Male, age 29, seeks job. Any job will do. Good with electric systems, cars, musical instruments, and all sorts of other stuff. Leave a note back either next to this one or under the wiper blade of the green '74 RoadRunner (Y'all can call him Firebird III)."

With that he walked on down the sidewalk, going to buildings to search.

(cue anyone. well, anyone who has a job opening. :p )

Also note: This RR will decide Episode 5 of my soon-to-come series about Duane Cooper (which will be MUCH better than "Cottonmouth Country".)

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