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One of my students went to the autoshow this weekend in Kansas City, at which Ben "Cooter" Jones was showing off the General Lee. As I was unable to go, I asked my student if he could try to get an autograph.

This morning, the kid shows up to class with a framed picture of Cooter leaning on the General Lee. It was signed...

To Amanda


Ben Jones

The student also told me that Mr. Jones chatted with him for a while. The student had mentioned that I was "stuck in the 60's" (since I also have a Monkees lunchbox) and Mr. Jones had laughed in agreement (even though Dukes is an 80's show).

I brought it home and all Jam could say was, "That is so cool!" We're gonna have to find a good place to hang it now! It'll probably go in my "hippie" corner with a lot of my Monkees and Route 66 stuff.

As for the student who got it for me, can you say "suck up"? For some reason, he thinks I owe him a favor. No really, he's a good kid and I'll have to be nice to him the rest of the year.

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