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All Our Prayers


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Tonight On the Dukes : The Dukes are in need of a Christmas Miracle.

It's now Christmas time in Hazzard the town square is all decorated it looks so

much like a Christmas Postcard in the center of town is a Christmas tree.

" Help Help please I"ve just been robbed ". said Mr Rhuebottom.

luckily the boys happend to be driving by when they saw a truck loaded with

stuff driving away from mr Rhuebottom's so they decided to follow it .

" Bo I got an idea try to keep the General as steady as you can ". said Luke

" I"ll try cousin but just be careful ". said Bo

So Luke climbed on the roof of the General he was just about to jump when

suddenly one of the bad guys decided to pull out a gun he shot out one of

the General's tires which sent Luke from the roof onto the hard pavement.

Bo quickly stopped the General and he ran over to where Luke lay motionless.

he turned Luke over gently he was unconicous , bruised , bleeding some.

" Luke , LUke, Luke, you okay ?". said Bo

But unfortunately Bo received no reply.

cue anyone

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