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Dukes of Hazzard Cross-over Challenge

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I posted this on the Dukes of Hazzard Forum on FF.net known as "The Boar's Nest" and thought I'd post it here too. The challenge is to write a cross-over with our favorite family with any fandom of your choice. Understandably some parts of canon may have to be ignored for this to work but PLEASE keep them all in character. After all, what fun would it be to read a fic that was a Dukes fic in name only? :D If you take on the challege let folks know where they can read your story. Either here, FF, or some other site. This could be fun. :D

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I'll start it off. I have a story started on FF.net that I'll move here if there is an interest. If not I'll leave it. It's called, "Once Upon a Duke". Can you GUESS what I crossed our favorite family with? That's right, I have brought the world of fairytales to Hazzard. It's in the cross-over section on there. Easy to find since there are only 34 Dukes crossover fics there. :D Tell me what you think of it so far.

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I went to that FF.net site and it had been changed to some anime thing called pantsu.net., didnt look like a place you'd see the DOH

Sorry about that. I don't know why but my forum was deleted so I guess the address was given to a new one. I've had a lot of things getting deleted lately. :( Even a whole chapter on a story that had been completed for two months. Someone asked me if I knew what had happened and I didn't. The reviews are still there but the chapter had been replaced with a different chapter. o.O

Anyway, there wasn't a response to the challenge anyway. I have two chapters up on mine but have been distracted from posting the next chapter which will be called, "You don't know Jack".


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