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Movin' On Up - an election challenge


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I have no time for fanfic anymore, at least not big, long ones, though I've got a few Dukes ones here and on fanfiction.net. However, I have one itneresting one for yo'all.

Boss Hogg's obviously got a whole county pretty much under his thumb, like a number of such Southern bosses. He dabbles witht he big boys a lot (and needs the Dukes to get him *out* of such scrapes), but that's usually in crime. What if he was to try his hand in politics at a state level. Or even national - don'tcha wonder just what the U.S. Rep. from that district thinks?

My hunch is, he probably represents a few counties, and just ignores Hazzard totally, thinking it's too dangerous politically; maybe Boss even pays him off. Or, controls him in some other way.

So, my challenge for the election year - write a story where Boss Hogg decides to run for state or national office. Maybe the U.S. rep from that very rural district (Hazzard, Chickasaw, 1-2 others) did something to anger Boss Hogg and he decides to get him back. Do the Dukes have to stop him? Do they support another candidate? I forget if the reunion movie mentioned how Coter got into office (obviously a play on what Ben Jones did in real life), but while I prefer my "Hazzard Sparkplugs" TL, you could have Cooter running against Boss Hogg. (Actually, my guess is that the easiest way to flesh out the reunion movie TL is to say Cooter ran against a Boss-controlled candidate after Boss Hogg died. :( So, that wouldn't be any fun.)

Or, could it be like my "The Last Strw" - but with Daisy running for the state/national office instead of as commissioner?

remember, the media could be controlled somewhat - this would be the mid-to-late 1980s, before blogs and everything, but Boss Hogg trying to keep all those skeletons inside his closet would be funny in itself.

Good luck.

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