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It was early morning and most people were still asleep, but one special young lady had to be up especially early today to decorate the Boars Nest. I f you haven't already guessed it her name is Daisy Duke.You might also be wondering why this day is so special, and why Daiys is decorating, well this day isn't special, but tomorrow is Febuary 14. Yep Valentines Day. Boss wanted the Boars Nest all decorated before then and he wanted her to do it on her own time, so she got up early and started decorating. She had to hurry because she was supposed o open in about twenty minutes and she had about fourty minutes of work to do.

Just about ten minutes before opening, and as Daisy was putting all of the decorations away someone walked in.

Daisy-"Sorry sugar but we don't open for another ten minutes."

Enos-"Iknow Daisy, but I was looking for something."

Daisy-"Oh hi Enos, well what is it you're looking for?"

Enos-"Well I think I left my wallet here last night."

Daisy-"Oh well, i'll take a look in the lost and found."

As Daisy was looking Enos was waiting patiently and acouple minutes later she emerged from the back room with wallet in hand.

Daisy-"Here ya go Enos."

Enos-"Thank ya Daisy I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found it... well thak ya again, I owe ya one."

And with that he was out the door.

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The rest of the day went by kinda slow, with everyone coming inand out as usual, then Bo and Luke decided to show up.

Daisy-'Hey Bo, hey Luke"

Luke-'Hi Daisy."

Daisy-"You guys want somethin' to drink?"

Bo-"Yeah, put it on Luke's tab."

Luke-"Very funny."

As Daisy gave them their drinks the three began to talk about the Valentines dance.

Daisy-"So who are you guys taking to the dance tomorrow?"

Luke-"Well i'm takin' May Belle and Bo here's takin' Mary Lou."

Bo-"Well it was her turn Luke."

Luke-"So who are you goin' with Daisy?"

Daisy-"Well I don't know, just about evryone in Hazzard has asked me to go, with the exception of a few.

Bo-"I thought Enos would be the first to ask ya this year."

Daisy-"Why do you say that?"

Luke-'Well he has been the first to ask you every year since eighth grade."

Daisy-'You gota point there."

Bo-"Well I don't think he's goin' anyways, cause he's kinda been avoiding the subject every time someone starts talkin' about it."

Daisy-"Yeah he came by this mornin' while I was decorating, he was loookin' for his wallet."

Luke-"Well I ain't seen him all day, and come to think of it I haven't even heard him on the CB."

Bo-"Boss is probably makin' i work tomorrow anyways, remember last year when Boss gave him a stack of paperwork about six feet high to do before he could go and he ended up finishing it all an hour before he had to pick you up."

Daisy-"Yeah, he was so tired he could barely dance."

Luke(Handing her an envelope)-"Oh yeah I almost forgot this was in the mail for you Daisy."

Daisy-'I wonder what it is."

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As she began to open it someone approached them.

Daisy-"Oh hi Enos, I ddin't see ya come in."

Enos-"HI Daisy, hi Bo, Luke."

Luke-"Hi Enos"

Bo-"Hey Enos"

Enos(Noticing the letter)-"What ya got there Daisy?"

Daisy-"Well the boys said it was in the mail box, but it only says Daisy on the front."

Bo_'Well come on open it."

Daisy(opening it)-"Ok Well it says....

Dear Daisy,

I just wanted you to know how lucky I am to even know you, to be able to see you every day. As Far as i'm conserened I am one of the luckyest men alive.

P.S. I owe ya one.

Bo-"Wow Daisy looks like you got youre self a seceret admierer."

Luke-"Sure does, what do you think Enos?"

Enos-"That's what it sounds like."

Daisy-'I wonder who it is?"

Just then on the CB you could hear Rosco yellin' for Enos.

Rosco-"Enos you Dipstick where are you?"

Enos(running over to the Cb)-"Right here Sheriff."

Rosco-"Where might I ask is right here?"

Enos-"You told me to go get your watch so I went to get it."

Rosco-'Well I told you it was on the booking desk and I'm in the office and I don't see you anywhere."

Enos-'It wasn't on the desk, I saw you take it off at the Boars Nest and set it Boss' desk so I'm here getting it."

Rosco-'Well hurry up you've got a ton of paper work stacked up here and if you don't start on it you won't finish until next november."

Enos-'I'll be there in a minute Sheriff."

Rosco-'Good, I'm gone."

Enos(Back to Bo, Luke and Daisy)-"Well I guess I better get goin', see ya'll later."

Luke-'Wow I was sure that letter was from him."

Bo-'It doesn't look like it."

Daisy-"Well I wonder who it's from?"

The night went on and nothing evenfull happened and no one was there so she decided to close a couple minutes early. When she got into Dixie to go home she noticed something on her window pinned down by the windshield wipper blade, she she took it and looked at it. It was almost identicle to the one she had recieved earlier, so she opened it and Read it.

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The Letter said;

Dear Daisy,

I know you're tired, but I want you to think about this, tomorrow night I will be waiting for you at the dance when you see me you'll know who I am. I she wish Boss Hogg hadn't made this a costume party ,it's not Holloween, but anyway you'll know me.

P.S. I owe ya one.

As Daisy Read this she grew even more suspisouse of who his mystery person could be, but she did as the letter said and thought about it for along time the whole drive home and just before she went to sleep.

When she wokeup the next morning she felt great and couldn't wait to find out who her seceret admierer was as she went to her closet to get dressed she saw a beautiful dress hanging in her closet closly resembly the one of Cinderella, there was also a note pinned to it. She picked it up and opened it;

Dear Daisy,

A little birdie told me that you didn' have a costume for the Dance tonight so I got you one, I hope it fitts. See ya tonight.

P.S. I owe ya one.

After Daisy was done admirering the dress she got dressed and went into the kitchen where her cousins and Uncle were setting the table for breakfast.

Daisy-'Did anyone come by this morning?"

Luke-"No, But someone left something at the door for you, and I hung it up in your closet, did ya see it?"

Daisy-"Yeah, and it had a note pinned to it."

Bo-"What did it say?'

Daisy-'Well it said that a little birdie told who evr it is that I ddin't have a costume for the dance."

Luke-"Wow who ever this guy is has good resourses."

Daisy-"Yeah, but there's one ting that I don't understand."

Uncle Jesse-'What's that?'

Daisy-"Well every letter I get says P.S. I owe ya one, and i just don't under satnd what that means."

Luke-"Well has anyone said that to you recently?'

Daisy-'Not that I can remember."

Bo-"Looks like yu're just gonna have to find out tonight huh."

Daisy-'Looks that way."

The day passed as uneventfully as the day before, and with everyone one getting ready for the dance no one was out, especially not Daisy who was putting her dress on which was a perfect fit. As she finished putting her makeup on and getting ready she walked out of her room to show her cousins and Uncle how the dress looked.

Daisy(Spinning around)-'Well what do you think?"

All three men in unison-'You look beautiful"

Daisy-'Well thak you, you don't look to bad your selves."

All three men were dressed in their costumes Bo was Robbin Hood, Luke was a Nascar driver and Uncle Jesse was a Farmer.

Luke_"Well I guess we better get goin' we don't want to make your seceret admierer wait any longer."

As Bo and Luke got into the General Uncle Jesse and Daisy got into the truck.

Daisy-'Uncle Jesse I wonder who it is."

Uncle Jesse-'Well you can rule me out and Bo and Luke and probably Cooter and Rosco and Boss Hogg and Enos."

Daisy-'Why do i have to rule out Enos?"

Uncle Jesse-'Well I went by the office earlier today and I saw him sitting behind the desk doing paperwork and he still had apile about four feet high to do."

Daisy-'Well he finished it last year."

Uncle Jesse-'Believe me Daisy I saw the pile last yaer and it didn't hold a match to the one I saw this year, it looked like they hadn't done the paper work all yaer and then gave it all to him to do yeasterday."

Daisy-"Knowing Boss and Rosco that may be exactly what they did."

Soon after they arrived at the dance and they all went in, UNcle Jesse found Emma and he Boys found thier dates and that left Daisy sitting at the table by herself looking and waiting for her seceret admireer to find her.

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Just as Daisy had given up hope someone tapped her on the shoulder as she turned around and looked up she saw a man dressed in all black witha black cape a black hat and mask covering his face so that no one could tell who it was. As Daisy stood up she began to talk.

Daisy-"Are you the one who had been sending me all those letters?'

All the man did in response was to shake his head yes.

As all this was going on Bo Luke and Uncle Jesse had thier attention on Daisy and that mysteriouse man.

Bo-"I wonder who it is?"

Luke-'Me too.'

Uncle Jesse-" It looks like she's wondering who it is too."

Before Daisy could ask the man any more questions he grabbed her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor.

Daisy-"Am I ever going to find out who you are?'

"uh hu" is all the man said as he held her close when they were dancing.

Daisy-'Are you ever going to talk?'

Again "uh hu" is all the man said

Daisy-'You know I've been waiting to find out who you are"

once more all the man said was "uh hu"

Daisy-'You know what I really wish you would talk, so I could find out who you are."

With that the man stopped dancing and stared into Daisy's eyes as she did the same, they began to kiss right there as the song stopped and everyone, and I mean everyone was watching them. As they stopped kissing he wispered into her ear.

"I told you I owed you one"

As Daisy heard the voice she couldn't have been any happier, because now she knew who it was.

Daisy-"Oh Enos."

Enos-"Yeah Daisy?"

Daisy-"Do you hear any music?"

Enos-"No why."

Daisy-'Because everyone is staring at us."

Enos-'Well they don't know it's me, cause as far as everyone knows I'm doing paper work."

Daisy-"You finished?'


Daisy-"Well I don't really fell comfortable with everyone staring at us so lets go out side."

With that they let eachother go and made their way out side, not so closly followed, but still followed by Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Uncle Jesse.

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As Daisy and Enos went to Daisy's car they stopped once again and began to slowly and passionatley kiss for what seemed to be eternity.

Bo-"Now I really want to know who that is."

Luke-'Well it looks like Daisy knows who it is."

bo-'Yeah, tell me about it."

As the three watched in bewilderment thye were soon going to find out who this masked man was. As Daisy and Enos broke away from their passionat kiss Daisy began to take his mask off, when his face was finally uncovered and he took the hat off there were three very surprized men.

Acouple days later when everyone knew it was Daisy and Enos who had made the big scene at the dance Enos decided to propose to Daisy, in which she said yes. And everyone was finally happy.

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