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Another typical day in Hazzard is coming to an end and everyone is at the Boar's Nest settling down after the days events. But they don't know they are about to get a big surprize.

Luke-"Hey Daisy, could ya get us acouple more beers?"

Daisy-"Sure sugar...comin right up."

As Daisy went to get the boy's, Cooter and Uncle Jesse another round of beers Rosco and Boss came out of the office and sat down at one of the tables.

Cooter-"Hey Rosco did ya ever find your police car?"

Rosco-"You just hush...i wouldn't have to look for it in the first place if ya

hadn't a stole it!"

Cooter-"I didn't steal it Rosco...I just took it out for a test drive and I

missplaced it, that's all."

Rosco-"Yeah missplaced it in Hazzard pond!"

Just then Cletus came in and sat down at the bar.

Cletus-"Does anyone know someone thet owns a green Plymouth

Satellite...and that wears a black cowboy hat and black boots with

all black clothes, and walks with a bad limp?"

Rosco-"No one knows anyone like that you dipstick, now stop wastin'

everyone's time."

Cletus-"Whatever you say Sheriff."

Just the a man wearing all black walked into the Boar's Nest, everyone had their full attention on him, but his head was turned and hat was adjusted so no one could see his face,he quickly walked over to a table in the corner and sat so he wasn't facing anyone.


Bo-"I wonder who that guy is?"

Luke-"Idon't know...but there sure is something familiar about him."

Rosco-"He sure is a big ol' guy...ain't he?"

Cletus-"I told ya Sheriff but ya didn't believe me."

Rosco-"Oh just hush!"

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Daisy-"Well I can't take it anymore i'm gonna see if he wants somethin' ta drink"

As Daisy walked over to the man everyone had their undivided attention on him

Daisy-"Howdy stranger...can I get ya somethin' ta drink?"

Man-"Stranger...I musta been gone longer than I thought!"


Daisy had yelled his name loud enough that half the county knew he was home. She gave him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek, which made him blush uncontrollibly. By this time everyone knew who he was she they all gathered round and began to say thier hellos, exept Cletus who had known it was Enos the whole time, but he promissed not to tell anyone

Rosco-"Enos you dipstick...why didn't ya tell anyone you was comin' home?"

Enos-"I wanted to surprize ya Sheriff."

Luke-"Well it worked"

Bo-"Sure did"

They all finally sat down and they began to talk, well they all asked questions Enos just answered.

Uncle Jesse-"So what made ya decide to come home?"

Cooter-"Yeah, I though ya was gone for good."

Enos-"Well that's kinda hard for me ta explain."

Daisy-"What do ya mean it's hard to explain?"

As she asked this she gave Enos another big hug, but she hugged him too tight and in th wrong place, he quickly grabbed his side and doubled over in pain.

Daisy-"Ooh Enos i'm so sorry!"

Enos-"It's ok Daisy you didn't do nothin."

Daisy-"Well what's the matter then?"

Enos-"That's what's so hard to explian...remember the night before i left, I told ya what I was most afraid of?"

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Daisy-"Well...yeah...ooh Enos, when did it happen?"

Enos-"About a month ago."

Daisy-"Does it hurt?"

Enos-"Only when ya touch it."

Daisy-"Who would want to do somethin' like that to you?"

Around this time Daisy was near tears just thinking about what could have happened to him, so Enos held her close to him, trying not to hurt himself. Having overheard the whole conversation everyone was wondering what was going on, beacuse only Daisy knew his biggest fear.

Uncle Jesse-"What in tarnation are you two talkin' about... what happened Enos?"

Enos-"Oh i'm sorry fellas you don't know...well my biggest fear was getting shot...i think i've over come that one...about three times over."

Luke-"What do ya mean?"

Enos-"Well i got shot three times; once in the side, once in the chest and once in the knee."

Daisy(still trying to hold back tears)-"Enos why didn't you tell us?"

Enos-"I didn't want ya to worry, besides I was coming home anyways, I was on my last patrol when it happened."

Rosco-"So that's why you was limpin' when you walked in here!"

Boss-"Ofcourse that's why he's limpin' you numb skull!"

Enos-"Well I'm pretty much healed up exept my side and my knee, i just got the stiches out of my side and the staples out of my knee."

Well the boy's and everyone kept on talkin to Enos for about another hour when Jesse decided that they neede to get som rest if they were going to be any good for workin' the next day, so everyon went home exept Daisy who had to cleanup and Enos who promissee to give her a ride home.

Enos-"Are ya about ready to go Daisy?"

Daisy-"Yeah sugar lets go."

They both climbed into Enos's car and began down the road.

Daisy-"I'm glad your home Enos."

Enos-"Me too Daisy, I missed y'all so much...especially you Daisy."

Daisy-"Oh Enos your so sweet."

Enos just grinned as usual, and soon they were parked infront of the farm.

Daisy-"Thanks for the ride Enos."

Enos-"You're welcome Daisy."

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Just as Enos started getting out of the car to open Daisy's door she stopped him.

Daisy-"I don't have to go in just yet Enos...can we just sit here and talk a while?"

Enos-"Well, sure Daisy if ya want to...but wont the boys and Uncle Jesse get worried if ya don't come in the house right away?"

Daisy-"Oh Enos you worry too much, besides they'll get nosie and figure out what were doin' and they'll leave us alone."


Luke-"I wonder what their doin' out there?"

Bo-"Knowin' Enos Daisy probably kissed him and he probably passed out or somethin."

Luke-"Come on Bo ya gotta give Enos a little more credit than that, he wouldn't passout if she kissed him on the cheek, but we better go check on them just in case."

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Enos-"Daisy I think they got nosie already...look."

Just as Daisy turned her head she saw her cousins approaching the car.

Luke-"What are you two doin' out here."

Bo-"Yeah, you ywo have been sittin' out here for about five minutes."

Daisy-"Were're just talkin' Luke taht's all, you two just go in the house and i'll be in in a minute."

Bo-"Yes ma'am."

Luke-"Bye Enos."

Enos-"Bye Luke,Bye Bo."

As the boys walked to the house Daisy contiuned to talk to Enos, but Enos still had no clue what they were talking about.

Enos-"So Dasiy what did you want to talk to me about?"

Daisy-"Well Enos I wanted to ask you if you were going to the dance on saturday night."

Enos-"I didn't know there was one, but I guess i could go."

Daisy-"Are you sure you will be feelin' up ta dancin', with your leg bein' hurt and all?"

Enos-" I'd do anything to dance with you Daisy."

Daisy-"Oh Enos, why are you so sweet to me?"

Enos-"I think you know why Daisy...I think you better go in before the boys come back out."

Daisy-"I think you're right, well I'll see ya later Enos."

Enos-"Bye Daisy."

As Enos was saying goodbye Daisy decided to give him a good night kiss, which was alittle much for him.Then Daisy walked in the house.

Luke-"What were you two doin' that whole time?"

Daisy-"We were just talkin' Luke I already told ya that."

Bo(looking out the window)-"What's he still doin' out there?"

Daisy-"I kissed him on the cheek, and it musta been a little too much for him or because he's been gone so long it's takin a little longer for him to recover."

Well the week passed quite fast, Enos finally got his job back as the Deputy Sheriff after much begging by both Enos and Rosco. After that everything got pretty much back to normal, Rosco and Enos were chasin' the Dukes, and they were always finding ways to loose them. Well finally the week was over and saturday rolled around, everyone was gettin' all dressed up for the dance, even ol' Rosco who was goin with Rose Ellen from the bank.

Luke-"So who you goin' to the dance with Bo?"

Bo-"Becky, why?"

Luke-"Skinny Becky, the one that looks like a Rooster?"

Bo-"Very funny Luke, who are you goin' with?"


Bo-"Ooooh have fun with her."

Luke-"Now what's that supposed to mean?"

Daisy-"Now you two stop bickerin' and finish gettin' ready."

Luke-"Hey Daisy you still goin' with Enos?"

Daisy-"Who else would I be goin' with?"

Bo-"We just thought he might have gotten so exited that he was goin' out with you that he might have worked himself into another case of the hives like last time."

Dasiy-"You two just stop it, I saw him this mornin' and he didn't have no hives, besides we've gone out plenty of times and he ain't had the hives once."

Just then someone knocked on the door and all three of them ran to open it, but Bo got to the door first.

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Bo-"Howdy Enos...Ya here for Daisy?"

Daisy-"You know he is Bo, why do ya always have to give him a hard time?''

Enos-"It's OK Daisy... I'm used to it by now, are ya ready to go?"

Daisy-"Yeah sugar, lets go."

Luke-"See ya later Daisy...Hey Enos don't do anything I wouldn't do!!"

Enos-"Ya know I won't Luke...see ya later."

Bo-"See ya at the dance."

Well Bo and Luke picked up their dates after some bickering about the subject and finally arrived at the dance after everyone had already showed up.

Luke-"Looks like everyone is here already."

Bo-"Yeah,so much for having a fast car."

Luke-"Well if ya hadn't been arguin' with me for a half hour we would have been here on time."

As the night goes along Bo and Luke dance with their dates acouple of times and talk to all of thier friends , but they don't see Enos or daisy the whole night.

Luke-"Hey Uncle Jesse have you seen Daisy or Enos tonight?"

Uncle Jesse-"Sorry can't say I have, but I think Rosco did alittle earlier."

Bo-"Thanks Uncle Jesse."

Luke-"Well Lets go talk to Rosco I guess."

Bo-"Right behind ya cuz."

Luke-"Hey Rosco can we talk to ya a minute."

Rosco-"What do you boys want now, can't you see I'm busy?"

Bo-"Yeah but we need ta ask ya somethin'."

Rosco-"Well what is it?"

Luke-"Well have you seen Enos or daisy tonight?"

Rosco-"Well yeah, they were sittin' in the corner over there for acouple of hours then acouple of minutes ago I saw thenm leave... I think they went to the Boar's Nest."

Bo-"Ok...Thanks Rosco."

Luke-"Bo don't you think them two have been actin' alittle strange lately?"

Bo-"Well...I guess so."

The boy's kept on wonderin', then decided to take their dates home and follow the crowd from the party to the Boar's Nest for alittle after dance get together. Once they finally got there almost everyone from the dance was there and they went over to sit with Uncle Jesse and Cooter.

Bo-"Hey Uncle Jesse, Hey Cooter."

Uncle Jesse-"Hey you boy's still lookin' for Daisy and Enos?"

Luke-"Well we kinda thought they might still be here."

Cooter-"Well they are, there over there sittin' in the corner... did ya notic ever since Enos came back they've been actin' kinda strange."

Bo-"Well yeah, but I thought Daisy was just worried about Enos with what happened and all."

Luke-"That's what I thought too but now I think it's alittle more than that."


Enos-"Daisy their all starin' at us."

Daisy-"Oh their just tryin' to figure out why we haven talked to them or why they haven't seen us all night."

Enos-"So are you ready to go or do ya want to stay and get a ride from Uncle Jesse or the boy's?"

Daisy-"I'll go with ya Enos...but ya don't have to take me home just yet."

Enos-"Well were do ya want to go?"

Daisy-"Well I was thinkin' that maybe we could go down to hazzard pond and sit awhile."

Enos-"Well that sounds fine to me"

Daisy-"Lets go"

As Enos and Daisy got up to leave the boy's Uncle Jesse and Cooter were all wonderin' were they could be goin' now.

Luke-"Don't it seem like everytime we show up they leave?"

Bo-"Well I never thought of that but yeah it sorta does don't it."

Cooter-"If I were you two I wouldn't think too much of it, y'all have known Enos since we were kids and he would never do anything to Daisy."

Luke-"Well we know that...but both of them seem ta be actin' alittle strange."

Uncle Jesse-"Well maybe they just missed eachother more than they thought, and with Enos gettin' hurt and all maybe Daisy figured somethin' out.''

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Bo-"Maybe you'r right Uncle Jesse."

Uncle Jesse-"I know i'm right, because I trust Daisy with Enos more than I trust anyone with her...including you two, so just leave them be, he'll have her home in time then you can ask her yourselves what's goin' on."

Luke-"You'r right Uncle Jesse, he ain't never brought her home late once has he?"

By this time Enos and Daisy were alreadyat Hazzard pond sittin' in the car talkin'.

Enos-"This is real nice Dasiy, it's been so long since i've been down here at night... I almost forgot how beautiful it was."

Daisy-"Yeah the last time I was down here at night with anyone, I was with you and you were gettin' ready to go off to California."

Enos-"Yeah when I left i didn't know how much i was gonna miss this place, but after acouple months I was more homesick than you could believe."

Daisy-"I kinda figured that from all the letters ya sent me...you didn't seem to happy."

Enos-"Yeah, I wasn't...I'm sorry I didn't send ya any letters or call ya when I was in the hospital, but I didn't know what ta say, and I could never lie to ya so I figured I shouldn't send ya any...but all I could think about in the hospital for a month was everyone here in Hazzard, especially you Daisy."

Daisy-"Oh Enos when you stopped sending those letters all I could think about was you and if anything was wrong, and I guess I was right."

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As they were speaking Daisy began to scoot closer than she already was to Enos and she could feel him stiffen up as she lay her head on his shoulder.

Daisy-"Oh Enos relax"

Enos-"I'll try to Daisy."

Daisy-"How about we turn on the radio, will that help you relax?"

Enos-"Well It's worth tryin"

So Daisy turned on the radio and got very comfortable on Enos's arm and soon fell asleep, and Enos quickly followed as the music soothed him to sleep. Needless to say Daisy and Enos didn't make it home that night.

At the farm there were three very worried men, by the time six O'clock rolled around.

Uncle Jesse-"Were in tarnation could those two be?"

Bo-"I don't know Uncle Jesse, but when we find them they are gonna have alot of explaining to do!"

Luke-"Well since we don't know where they are I think we should call Rosco, maybe he's seen Enos this mornin'."

So Uncle Jesse called Rosco up on the CB.

Uncle Jesse-"Rosco have you seen Enos or Daisy this mornin'?"

Rosco-"I saw Enos sittin' in his patrol car this mornin', but I tried to get ahold of him but I think he was sneakin' a little snooze, Why?"

Uncle Jesse-"Where did ya see him?"

Rosco-"Down by Hazzard pond."

Uncle Jesse-"Thanks Rosco, I'll talk to ya later.''

Rosco-"Hey Jesse if ya talk to Enos tell that dipstick he didn't clock in this mornin'."

Uncle Jesse-"Sure will,Bye."

Luke-"Well lets go find him."

Bo-"Daisy's gotta be with him, he wouldn't do anything unless he knew Dasiy was OK."

Uncle Jesse-''Well lets stop jabberin' and lets go find out."

So the boys and Uncle Jesse were on their way to go find Enos,and Enos and Daisy were still asleep. Whe they find hem they're gonna be in for a little shock.

When the boys and Jesse finally pulled up behind the patrol car all they could see was the top of Enos's hat a little above the seat, since he slept in the upright position all night while Daisy was real comfortable next to him, so they decided they were gonna see if he was awake or not since they couldn't see Dasiy.

Luke-"Well looks like Rosco was right, he looks like he's asleep."

Bo-"Yeah, but I don't see Dasiy."

Uncle Jesse-"Well that's because we don't know if she's with him, now you two hush up, because if he is asleep and you wake him up I'll be upset."

The boys just gave alittle nod to let Uncle Jesse know that they understood him and they aproached the car.


Uncle Jesse-"Well I'll be, he is asleep, and so is Daisy."

Bo-"Hey Uncle Jesse are you just gonna let them sleep?"

Luke-"Yeah, aren't you just alittle angry?"

Uncle jesse-"No, because I trust them two, and I know that when they wake up that Enos will be wanting to talk to me, so lets get before we wake em up.''

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About twenty minutes after the boys and Uncle Jesse left Daisy and Enos woke up.

Daisy-"Hey Enos are you awake?"

Enos-"Huh...Oh yeah why."

Daisy-"We musta fell asleep look it's almost seven O'Clock, Uncle Jesse's gonna be furiouse."

Enos-"Now Daisy don't worry, I'll talk to Uncle Jesse...and straighten every thing out, so both of us don't get into trouble."

Daisy-"Thankyou Enos...we better be gettin' home now they're probably lookin' for us by now."

So they took off to the farm and were there in no time, and they both went inside.

Uncle Jesse-"Howdy Enos, hi Daisy."

Daisy-"Are you OK Uncle Jesse...aren't you just alittle mad?"

Uncle Jesse-"Mad about what, you two are grownups and what you do is your business."

Enos-"Mister Uncle Jesse Sir, if I could I would like to talk to you to explain everything."

Uncle Jesse-"Well that sounds fine Enos, but you better be gettin' ta work now Rosco told me ya didn't clock in yet."

Enos-"Yes Sir...Bye Daisy."

Daisy-"Bye Enos, see ya later."

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So the day went by pretty fast and Enos was to busy thinkin' about what he was gonna say to Uncle Jesse to cjase the Duke boys, and as you may have figured this didn't make Rosco too happy, so when Enos went to clock out he got a ear full from both Boss and Rosco, but he had his mind on other things. So aroud seven Enos showed up at the Duke farm to talk to Uncle Jesse.

Uncle Jesse(opening the front door)-"Well hello Enos come on in, are ya here for are little talk?"

Enos(alittle worried and nervous)-"Yes Sir Uncle Jesse,but could we talk alone."

Uncle Jesse-"Why don't you three go and wash the General...we'll call ya in when we're finished."

Luke-"Yes Sir Uncle Jesse."

Bo-"See ya'll later."

Daisy-"See ya Enos."

Enos-"Bye Daisy, Bo, Luke."

So all three of the cousins went outside to wash the General, well Daisy did, Bo and Luke decided they needed to hear the whole conversation so they had their ears against the window, which was much to Dasiy's dissatisfaction.

Uncle Jesse-"So Enos what did ya want to talk about?"

Enos-"Well Uncle Jesse...I wanted to talk to ya about what happened last night.''

Uncle Jesse-"Well Enos ya don't have to do that, I know ya didn't mean ta fall asleep, and if ya hadn't ya woulda brought Daisy home on time."

Enos-"I know that Uncle Jesse, but I just don't feel right about the whole thing...but how did ya know thta we fell asleep?"

Uncle Jesse-"Well me and the boys saw ya , but I know nothin' happened, cause I trust ya with Dasiy more than I trust them boys with her, cause I know that you would never in a million years do anything to ever hurt her."

Enos-"Thank ya Uncle Jesse, that's why I wanted to talk to ya, and now I feel a whole lot better...but I still have somethin' I want to talk to ya about."

Uncle Jesse-"Well what is it Enos?"

Enos-"I wanted to know if you would let me take Dasiy out again?"

Well Enos and Jesse kept talkin' awhile and Jesse agreed with great happiness with what Enos had asked him next, But now all Enos had to do was ask Dasiy out again. But both Bo and Luke had heard the whole thing and were too very happy, but they couldn't tell Dasiy.Soon Jesse called the boys and Dasiy back in and left Dasiy and Enos alone awhile, so they could talk.

Daisy-"Enos what's goin' on?"

Enos-"Well I want ta ask ya somethin'."

Daisy-"Well what is it?"

Enos-"Well I wanted ta sk ya if...if you would want ta go out with me again."

Daisy-"Well of course I would Enos...so that's what all that was about."

Enos-"Well not totally what it was about, but you'll find out soon enough."

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Daisy-"So when do ya want to go out?"

Enos-"Well I was hopeing tomorrow night...if that ain't too soon for ya, I know it ain't alot of notice Daisy but..."

Daisy-"Tomorrow sounds fine to me, but when?"

Enos-"Well I was thinkin' when I get offa work, but I know you will still be at the Boar's Nest."

Daisy-"Well that don't matter, I can get off acouple minutes earlier, and I can get ready there, and you can pick me up."

Enos-"Sounds fine to me, but I gotta tell ya where I'm takin' ya it's real formal...and..well"

Daisy-"Oh Enos that sounds great, I'll meet ya at the Boar's Nest at around eight."

Enos-"Well Ok Daisy...see ya tomorrow."

Daisy-"See ya"

As Enos began to leave Bo, Luke, and Uncle Jesse came back into the kitchen, and as soon as Enos had left Bo and Luke began to bombard Daisy with questions.

Bo-"So Daisy, what was all that about?"

Daisy-"Oh never you mind, you'll find out soon enough."

Bo-"What's that supossed to mean."

Luke-"Now Bo if she says we'll find out soon then we'll find out soon."

Bo-"Whatever you say cousin."

But what Daisy didn't know was that Bo and Luke knew everything that was gonna happen in the next day. So they all went about their business for the next day and a half, and soon enough Eight O'Clock rolled around and everyone was at the Boar's Nest, and Daisy was in the ladies room gettin' ready for her date with Enos, which only her and Enos were supposed to know about. Soon enough Enos walked into the Boar's Nest wearin' a black tuxedo, and surprized everyone.

Bo-"Would ya look at him all gussied up."

Luke-"Hey Enos what's the special occasion...did Boss give ya the day off?"

Enos(Embarassed)-"No, I'm just here to pickup Daisy...do ya know if she's ready?"

Rosco-"Why do you need to know where Daisy is you dipstick, aren't you supposed to be on duty?"

Enos-"No Sheriff, it's eight, my shift was over ahalf hour ago."

Boss-"Rosco you numbskull, leave the boy be, can't you see he ain't in his uniform?"

Rosco-"oooo...Well yeah."

Just then Daisy walked out of the ladies room and nearly knocked poor ol' Enos on the floor, she was wearin', a red evening gown withher hair all done up, and everyone was just lookin' at her speachless.

Daisy-"So Enos are ya ready to go."

she got no response

Daisy-"Enos, are ya ready?"

Enos-"Huh,Oh ya Daisy."

Dasiy-"Bye Uncle Jesse, Bye Bo, Bye Luke."

Enos-"See ya'll later."

Uncle Jesse-"Enos"

Enos-"Yes Sir Uncle Jesse"

Uncle Jesse-"Remember what we talked about now."

Enos-''Yes sir, We she be backk by Eleven"

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Uncle Jesse-"Ok, have fun you two, see ya at eleven."

So the two of them headed for Atlanta for their special date, and left awhole mess of people at the Boar's Nest in a state of shock.

Cooter-"Uncle Jesse, why were those two so dresses up, weren't they just goin' out on a little ol' date."

Uncle Jesse-"Never you mind, you'll find out soon enough, as will all of ya so don't be pesterin me for no details."

Rosco-"Details about what Jesse?"

Bo and Luke just sat there quietly which wasn't normal for them so Uncle Jesse knew they knew what was goin' on.

Uncle Jesse-"Why don't you ask one of them, they seem ta know all about it."

Bo-"Who us?"

Luke-"There ain't no sense in denying it, he already knows that we know."

Unjcle Jesse-"Well how much did ya hear of mine and Enos's conversation?"

Bo-"Pretty much the whole thing."

Uncle Jesse-"Well why don't you ask them Rosco?"

Rosco-"Well, never mind I guess we'll just have to stay here until eleven, cause i cain't get a straight answer outa you Dukes."

So while Everyone but the Dukes were waiting until eleven Daisy and Enos were just sittin' down to dinner at one of the most fancy resturants in Atlanta.

Daisy-"Enos how'd you get reservations here, i heard that this is the most expensive resturant in all of Atlanta."

Enos-"Well that don't matter Daisy...all that matters is that I got to come here with you."

Daisy-'Oh Enos, you're too sweet."

Well they ordered thier food and were near finished when Daisy did alittle math in her head.

Daisy-"Enos what ae we gonna do until eleven, it's onlynine fourtyfive?"

Enos-"Well I thought that maybe we could make our way back to Hazzard and go back to Hazzard pond, and watch the stars."

Daisy-"Well that sound like a right fine idea."

Soon after Enos paid the huge bill, they were on thier way back to Hazzard, and Enos was tryin' not to be to nervouse, cause he was about to do somethin' that two years on the L.A.P.D, and a tour on the SWAT team could never prepare him for.

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Back at the Boar's Nest everyone was just chit chatin' alittle, mostly about Enos and Daisy.

Uncle Jesse-"You know I just don't know why that boy don't just marry her."

Bo-"What do you mean Uncle Jesse?"

Uncle Jesse-"Well all I can say is that you'll find out when you're in love with someone for fifteen years."

Luke-"Yeah like that wiil ever happen."

Bo-"You know what, I've known Enos since we were little kids, and I still don't understand him one bit."

Uncle Jesse-"And ya never will understand him either."

Luke-"Why not?"

Uncle Jesse-"Well Enos is...well he has had a rough life, lets just leave it at that."

Rosco-"You bet he has."

Bo-"What do ya mean."

Uncle Jesse-"Well you boys probably don't remember too much about this but, there are certain reasons Enos does, and doesn't do certain things."

Luke-"Well can ya tell us?"

Uncle Jesse-"Well I think Rosco could better explain it."

Bo-"Well Rosco."

Rosco-"OK, Well do you boys know why you have never heard of or seen his father?''

Luke-"Well...come ta think of it no, we never have heard any thing of his father."

Rosco-"Well his father was real mean, and when he got drunk he was even meaner, and when I was a deputy I had to go to his house acouple a times and arrest his father,until his father finally got up one day and left, no one has heard from him since Enos was about six. Enos remembers all of it, that's why he doesn't drink, and that's why he became a deputy."

Luke-"Well that explains alittle."

Bo-"I'm not quite sure I understand him more now than I did a minute ago."

Uncle Jesse-"And that's why I said you never will understand him."

Well as the boy's were still tryin' to figure Enos out, Enos and Daisy were at Hazzard pond listenin' to music, layin' down on th hood of the car watchin' the stars, and Daisy was layin' real close to him, makin' him even more nervouse about what he was about to do.

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Daiy-"Enos are you OK, you seem really nervouse."

Enos-"Well to tell ya the truth Daisy I am nervouse."

Daisy_"Well there's no reason to be, because we've known each other since we was little kids."

Enos-"I know Daisy...I just can't help it."

Just then a song by Dolly Pardon came on the radio called,"I will always Love you."

Daisy-"Enos do ya wanna dance, It might help ya calm down alittle."

Enos-"Ok Dasiy, but I don't think it will work, but it's worth a try."

So Enos helped Daisy down off the car and they began to dance, since it was a slow song Enos was holding Daisy really close, which didn't help his nerves any. But soon the song was over and the leaned against the car talkin' alittle, and Enos was preparin' himself for what he was about to do.

Daisy-"Enos, I didn't know that you could dance so well...but I guess I could have found out at the dance if we would have danced at all."

Enos-"Well thank ya Daisy, but I have somethin I need to talk to ya about."

Daisy-"Well what is it Enos?"

Enos-"Well when I was in California I did alot of thinkin', and even more in the hospital, and well I need to ask ya a question."

Daisy-"Well what is it."

And then much to Daisy's surprize Enos dropped down to one knee,in his tuxedo and in the dirt.

Daisy-"OOH Enos, what are you doing, you're gonna hurt you're knee."

Enos-"Well Daisy,I wanted to ask you if you would marry me."

Daisy(Noticing the ring in Enos's finger)-"Of course I will Enos, get up off the ground you big ol' sweet heart."

So Enos stood up and put the ring on Dasiy's finger, then he gave her a big big hug, enough to put her up off the ground , and he spun her around, and he was so happy he got up the nerve to do something else he has put off since the seventh grade. So he looked at her and kissed her very very passionatley, much to Daisy's surprize.

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Then as Enos put Daisy down he relized what time it was.

Enos-"Daisy it's almost eleven, we better be gettin' back to the Boars Nest."

Daisy(Still surprized at what Enos had done)-"Yeah you're right, we wouldn't want a repeat of our last date."

So they both got into the car and headed towards the Boars Nest. It was a very short ride so they were there in no time. As they were both getting out of the car Daisy stepped right into a hole and broke her heel.

Enos-"Daisy, are you OK?"

Daisy-"Yeah, but I think I sprained my ankle."

Enos-"Well don't try to walk on it, you might hurt it more, let me carry you."

Daisy-"Well you have a point."

So Enos picked Daisy up and carried her into the Boars Nest, and everyone was still there much to Daisy and Enos's surprize, and they were all staring at them like they had gone nutts, but Enos didn't pay any attention and sat Daisy down in the nearest chair, and went to get an ice pack.

Bo-''Daisy are you Ok, or has Enos finally gone off the deep end."

Daisy-"No, I'm fine I just broke my heel and hurt my ankle, and he didn't want me to hurt myself anymore."

Luke-"Well that explains alot."

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Enos(From the back room)-"Sheriff could you come back here and help me find the ice pack?"

Rosco-"Yeah I'll be right there...I sware if his head wasn't screwed on to his body he woldn't be abl to find that either."

So Rosco went in the back room to help enos find the ice pack for Daisy.

Rosco-''Boy have you lost your mind you have the ice pack in your hands."

Enos-"No, I just wanted to tell ya somethin' Sheriff."

Rosco-"Well what is it Enos?"

Enos-"Well, remember what I was talkin' to ya about yesterday at lunch time?"

Rosco-"Well ya....ooooh, what'd she say?"

Enos-"She said yes Sheriff, but don't tell anyone yet, Uncle Jesse alresdy knows, and I think the boys do too, but I wan't Daisy to tell everyone when she's ready."

Rosco-"Well your secerets safe with me."

Enos-"Thanks Sheriff, lets go back out there before they think we got lost in the refrigerator."

So Enos and Rosco went back to the bar and Enos quickly went to Daisy, who was sitting in a chair acouple tables away from everyone, so Enos went to Daisy and put the ice pack on her ankle and began to talk to her while he held it on for her.

Daisy-"Thank you Enos, the ice is helping alot."

Enos-"Your welcome Daisy, they taught me how to handle sprains and breaks back in California."

Well as Daisy and Enos were talking, everyone else, of course, was tryin' to listen in on thier conversation, but what Daisy and Enos didn't know was the chair that Daisy was sittin' in had previously been in a bar fight that morning and had just been glued back together, and the glue hadn't dried yet so much to Daisy and Enos's surprize the chair began to break, and when it finally broke Daisy went tumbling to the floor,and since Enos had ahold of her foot he got kicked right in the nose.

Daisy(getting up)-"Enos are you Ok...I didn't mean to kick you in the face."

Enos(standing up with blood dripping from his nose)-"Yeah i'm fine, but i think I broke my nose."

Rosco(handing Enos a towel)-"Here, use this. You're getting blood all over the place."

Enos-"Thank ya Sheriff...I think I need to lay down, I don't like the sight of blood too much."

Boss-"Well you can use my office, only if you don't get blood all over my barber chair."

Enos-"Thank ya Mr.Hogg, I promise I won't get any blood on your chair."

So Enos went into Boss's office and left everyone in the bar to talk as he laid down in the barber chair, but Daisy felt horrible about the little accident.

Daisy-"Oh I just feel horrible."

Bo-"Why Daisy, it wasn't your fault."

Daisy-"I know, but ever since he asked me I just haven't been my usual self."

Cletus-"Why haven't you been yourself...wait a minute what'd he ask you?"

Daisy-"Well when we were at Hazzard pond he asked me to marry him...and I said yes."

Cooter-"You mean Enos asked you to marry him?"

Daisy-"Well yeah."

Luke-"Well I didn't think he'd actually do it."

Bo-"Yeah, when he asked Uncle Jesse, I thought he'd work him self into a case of the hives and wouln't ask ya."

Daisy-"Now you mean to tell me that all of you knew he was gonna ask me to marry him."

Luke-"Well I knew, and Bo knew, and he asked Uncle Jesse but that's all the people that I know for certain knew."

Rosco-"Well I knew too."

Cletus-"How'd everyone know but me and Cooter?"

Rosco-"Well because you're a dipstick that's why you didn't know."

Daisy-"Oh well it's all over now, so everyone knows...I'm gonna go check on Enos."

Boss-"Here take this wet rag just in case he got blood on my chair."

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Daiy walked to the office door and knocked and peeked in alittle and saw Enos sittin' in the barber chair with it tilted back and the towel on his nose.

So Daisy walked in and sat down next to him.

Daisy-"Enos...how are you feeling?"

Enos(Startled alittle bit)-"Huh Oh I'm fine i'm just waiting for my nose to stop bleeding...I don't really like the sight of blood, it makes me sick to my stomach."

Daisy-"Well I just came in here to make sure you were alright."

Enos-"Thank you Daisy, but you didn't have to do that."

Daisy-"Yes I did Enos, because...because..I love you."

Enos-"You do?"

Daisy-"Well of course I do, if I didn't I wouln't have said yes to marrying you."

Enos-"Well it's just that you've never said it, and well I guess I've never said it either."

Daisy-"Oh Enos you never had to, I've known it since the seventh grade."

Enos-"Was it that obviouse?"

Daisy-"Well lets just says everyone has known since the seventh grade...how's your nose?"

Enos(lifting his head up)-"Well I think it stopped bleeding."

Daisy(Handing Enos the wet rag)-"Here you've got blood on your face."

Enos-"Thank you."

After Enos wipped his face clean of all the blood he just sat a minute in the barber chair and neither one of them said anything, then enos spoke up.

Enos-"Did you want to go out there and tell them the good news?"

Daisy-"Well, I already did."

Enos-"I figured, they probably weren't surprized were they?"

Daisy-"Well no, but how'd you know?"

Enos-"Well I figured that the boys were listening in on mine and Uncle Jesse's conversation the other day."

Daisy-"Well at least Cletus and Cooter were surprized."

Enos(standing up)-"Well I guess we better get back out there before they come burstin' in here makin' sure we're still here."

Daisy-"Well let them wonder."

Just then Daisy grabbed Enos's lappel and pulled him close and began kissing him fiercly, which made Enos weak in the knees, it lasted for about a minute then she finally released him leaving him standing speachless and as she walked out of the room she turned back to him.

Daisy-"Enos you better wip the lipstick off your face before you come back out."

Enos-"Oh, well see ya in a minute."

Then Daisy walked out of the room and left Enos to wip the lipstick off his lips, soon after Daisy walked out of the room Enos also walked out and went to sit next to Daisy.

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Bo-" Hey Enos are you Ok you don't look so good?"

Luke-"Yeah you're startin' to look like a racoon?"

Enos-"What do ya mean?"

Rosco-"They mean your eyes are black."

Uncle Jesse-"That happens when you break your nose."

Enos-"What do you mean, I just looked in the mirror and my eyes weren't black."

Daisy(Lookig at Enos)-"Oh my, well Enos they are now."

Enos-"Well at least my nose isn't bleeding anymore...I can't stand the sight of blood."

Bo-"Well what'd you do when you got shot."

Daisy-"Why would you ask im that?"

Enos-"It's ok Daisy, well when I got shot I just passed out so I didn't have to deal with the blood, but my partener did."

Uncle Jesse-"Well that's enogh talking about that, you three need to get home, we have work to do."

Enos-"Daisy do you want me to drive ya home?"

Daisy-"Sure Enos, but I think I should drive."

Uncle Jesse-"I'll see ya at home Daisy me and the boys are gonna finish our drinks and we'll be rght behind ya."

So Daisy and Enos got in the car and drove off, but what they didn't know was that things were gonna get worse especially for Enos. When Enos left alifornia he left a bag behind in the hospital, when he called the hospital so they could send it to him they sent the wrong one, which Enos still hadn't gotten, but they didn't know that. And Enos didn't know that they had been following his every move for the past three weeks but he was abou to find out.

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As Daisy and Enos were driving down th road, Daisy noticed someone following them.

Daisy-"Enos do you recognize that car behind us?"

Enos-"I can't say I do Daisy, but it looks like they are folloing us, lets turn here to see if they are."

So Daisy turned and they kept on following them, then they got really close and tried to run them off the road.

Roger-"She's a real good driver."

Ben-"But I'm a better shot."

Roger-"You're not gonna shoot them are you?"

Ben-"No I'm just gonna shoot a tire out so they have to stop, then we can grab Enos."

Daisy(seeing one of them hanging out of the window)-"Their gonna shoot at us."

Enos(Ducking down in his seat)-"Whatch out Daisy!"

As the men shoot out the tire car car goes flying over a mound of dirt and flips over, the two men hurry over to get Enos and mke sure they're alright.

Ben-"How's the girl Roger?"

Roger-"She's unconsiouse, but she's fine."

Ben(Trying to pickup Enos)-"He's heavier than I thought...help me get him in the car."

So the guys got Enos in the car and drove off leaving Daisy by herself.

Soon after they left Daisy wokeup and called Uncle Jesse on the CB.

Daisy-"Lost Sheep this is Bo Peep, are you out there?"

Uncle Jesse-"I'm here Daisy, where are you?"

Daisy-"I don't know Uncle Jesse, all I remember is two guys shooting at us then I woke up, and now i can't find Enos."

Uncle Jesse-"What do ya mean you can't find Enos?"

Daisy-"Well he's not in the car and well Uncle Jesse i'm scared."

Uncle Jesse-"Were are ya Daisy?"

Daisy-"Well I think I'm still on Mill Pond road."

Uncle Jesse-"Ok Daisy you just stay put and me the boys Rosco and Cooter will be there in a minute."

So Jesse called Rosco the boys and Cooter on the CB and told them were she was and that she had been in an accident, so in no time they were all atstanding around talking to Daisy trying to figure out what had happened.

Rosco-"So ya say you can't find Enos."

Daisy-"Well yeah, just before we turned over he yelled for me to look out, then when I woke up he wasn't anywhere."

Rosco-"Well i'l call Cletus and see if he'll help me look tonight then in the mornin' if you all will meet me at the Court house and we'll star a bigger search party."

So that night Rosco and Cletus looked all over the county and had no luck at all so at about six they were headed back to the court house the kid nappers were startin' their plans as Enos woke up.

Roger-"Look Ben I think he's wakin' up."

Ben-"Well take the blind fold off him I want him to see somethin'."

Enos(opening his eyes)-"Possum on a gumbush whta happened?"

Roger-"Well it looks like you had alittle accident."

Enos-"Where's Daisy...is she ok?"

Roger-"Oh she's fine don't worry about her."

Enos-"Where am I?"

Ben(having his back turned towards Enos)-"Boy you ask too many questions."

Enos(very confused)-"Well what do you want?"

Roger-"Oh I think you know what we want."

Enos-"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you want."

Ben(still not facing Enos)-"Look where's the bag?"

Enos-"What bag?"

Roger-"Look don't play dumb with us...the bag you sent for from L.A."

Enos-'I'm sorry fellas but I haven't gotten that bag yet."

Now Enos had really upset the two men and since he refused to tell them, as they thought, but didn't even have the bag thye were gonna have to go though with thier plans.

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So Ben finally turned around and showed Enos what their plan was gonna be.

Enos-"Possum on a gumbush...you look just like me."

Ben-"Yeah it's awonder whata mask can do."

Enos-"You'll never get away with it, you don't even sound like me."

Roger-"I think you've under estimated us a little, we've been watchin' you for quite some time now,and well we know everything, who your friends are what you do everyday, and what you don't do."

Enos-"Well he still do't sound like me."

Roger-"Oh really, show him Ben."

Ben(Doing his best Enos impersonation)-"Possum on a gumbush Sheriff there go them Duke boys."

Roger-"Now do you think we can pull this off."

What Enos had just been shown had made him start thinkin', and he wasn't comfortable about any of it especially them two pretendin' to be him, so he began makin' any excuse he could.

Enos-"Well you might be able to fool some people but I don't think you're gonna fool any of the Dukes, especially not Daisy."

Ben-"Oh don't you worry about Daisy, i'll take good care of her."

Enos(Getting more upset every second)-"Well you don't have a broken nose, I think if they haven't seen me in one day they still might remember that I have a broken nose."

Roger-"Oh don't worry so much about things, Ben's real good with makeup."

So as Enos kept on worrying they gaged him and waited until they were sure he went to sleep, then they did the makeup to make it look likeBen had a broken nose just like Enos, then they locked the cabin and made their way to town. They were there in no time and they pulled up across the stret from the court house makin' sure no one had seen them, since almost everyone was looking for Enos. Meanwhile inside the court house Rosco was tryin' tofigure out who was gonna search where.

Rosco(pointing to the map)-"Ok Cletus and I will serch this half of the county and you Dukes can search this half seein' as how this half is bigger and there is more of you."

Luke-"Well Rosco shouldn't you be gettin' to bed instead of lookin' for Enos?"

Rosco-"Look Enos is one of my best friends, eventhough it may seem that I yell at him alot and I call him all sorts of names he is always there for me and now that he needs me I ain't gonna sleep until I find him."

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But what Rosco didn't know was that Ben dressedup to look like Enos was outside waiting on the steps of the court house waiting for someone to come outside so he could make it look like he was confused and couldn't remember how he got there.But Rosco was gonna find out.

Rosco-"Cletus i'm gonna go out to my car and get you a map and we can check off where we already looked."

So Rosco went outside and walked right past Ben who was sitting on the steps of the court house not even noticing him, but when he got the map out of his patrol car and turned around he nearly had a heartattach.

Rosco-"Enos...is that you?"

Ben(acting like Enos)-"Of course it's me Sheriff who else would it be?"

Rosco(Almost crying hugging Ben)-"Boy I thought we would never find you."

Ben(Acting confused)-"I didn't know I was lost Sheriff."

Rosco-"Don't you know what happened?"

Ben-"Well...I can't really remember."

Rosco(gathering his thoughts)-"Come on Enos you better come in here and show everyone you're alright...You know Daisy's nearly outta her mind worrying about you."

So Rosco and Ben went into the court house, and no one inside expected to see Ben, who was supossed to be Enos with Rosco.

Rosco-"Good news, Good news!! Look who I found."

Everyone just stared at who they thought was Enos for a minute, then Daisy showed her joy.

Daisy(giving him a big hug)-"Oh Enos, where have you been?"

Ben-"Well I don't really know."

Daisy-"Oh that doesn't matter as long as you're ok."

Now happy that they think Enos is home they don't have to have a search party anymore,but while they bad guys are gone,Enos is trying to get free from the ropes before Roger gets back.

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Enos-"Ding Dang it, I gotta find a way to get outta these ropes."

As he says this he leans he chair back and it tips overand it breaks allowing him to wiggle his way free of the ropes, but as he finishes freeing himself Roger pulls up to the cabin, so Enos hides him self behind the door as it opens and surprizes Roger.

Roger(Looking at the broken chair on the floor)-"What the heck..."

Enos(Behind Roger)-"Ok now don't move, you just go sit in that chair over there."

As Roger sits in the chair Enos grabs the ropes he was tied up with and ties Roger up real good so he can't get out, then he puts him in the closet and locks the door, just in case.After he's done he has his mind set on getting back to town, so he gets in Rogers car and heads towards town.

As Enos is heading towards town Ben decides that he needs to figure out a way to get to Enos' house to find that bag.

Ben-"you know Daisy I don't feel to good I think I need to go home and rest awhile."

Daisy-"That sound fine Enos, I'll walk you home."

So Daisy and Ben start walking towards Enos' house, just as they get there Enos pulls up across the street and sees Ben go in the house and Sees Daisy walking back to the court house. So he waits for Daisy to be outta sight, because he doesn't want her to freak out, then he goes in to surprize Ben.

As Ben is ransacking Enos' room looking for the bag Enos walks in.

Ben(Very Surprized)-"How'd you get here?"

Enos-"Well I got free and tied your friend up and lock him in the closet."

Ben(pointing a gun at Enos)-'Well I didn't plan on killin' ya just yet, but if you don't show me were that bag is I might just have to."

Well ol' Enos had to think quick, eventhouh he hated lying he had to do somethin' to save himself and he had to figure a way to let everyone know that Ben wasn't who everyone thought he was.

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Enos knew that by this time everyone would be at the Boars Nest around this time so he had to make him take him there or get him to go there some how.

Enos-"Ok I'll tell you where it is."

Ben-"You've finally come to your senses huh."

Enos-"I'll tell you if you take me with you...and we have to go to the Boars Nest."

Ben-"Well...OK but you better not try to get away."


So they both got into the car Enos had taken and headed towards the Boars Nest.

Soon they pulled up in front of the Boars Nest.

Ben-"Ok tell me were it is."

Enos-"Ok, but you have to promise me that you won't hurt anyone."

Ben-"Well that all depends on you doesn't it."

Enos-"Fine I'll tell you where it is....if you go up to Daisy and ask her for the bag she'll go get it, because she knows where it is."

Ben believed Enos, but he had to make sure that he wouldn't try to go inside and tell everyone who he was so he had to make sure he stayed in the car.

Ben-"Do you have any hand cuffs?"

Enos-"I'm not wearing my uniform, I'm wearing a tuxedo."

Ben-"So aren't you a deputy...never mind i have some rope."

So Ben tied Enos to the steering wheel and went inside, but what Ben didn't know was that Enos was good at getting his hands free from ropes, since he's always getting tied up by someone he's had alot of practice.When Ben went in everyone was surprized because they thought he was laying down at Enos' house.

Daisy-"Enos what are you doing here?"

Ben-"Well I needed to ask you something."

Daisy-"Well what is it?"

Ben-"I need you to get my bag."

Daisy-"What bag?"

Ben(under his breath)-Dang it, he lied to me."

Uncle Jesse(over hearing him)-"Who lied to you Enos?"

Ben-"Huh, oh no one Uncle Jesse."

Rosco-"You know Enos you don't look to good."

While Ben was getting madder every minute think about how Enos had lied to him, Enos was freeing himself from the car.After a few minutes Enos was free and he ran into the Boars Nest hopeing that Ben hadn't found out that he lied to him.

When Enos ran into the Boars Nest everyone was really surprized to see two of him.

Daisy(Seeing Enos run in)-"What's goin on?"

Ben(Pulling a gun out and pointing it at Enos)-"Boy you really messed up now"

Rosco(Really confused)-"What's goin' on?"

Enos-"Well Sheriff he's dressed up like me to get somthin' that I don't even have."

Ben-"Boy you shouldn't have lied to me, now you're gonna get it."

As Ben points the gun at Enos Daisy, not knowing who was the real Enos kicked the gun out of Ben's hand because if he wasn't the real Enos she didn't want the real one to get shot.

After Daisy kicked the gun out of Ben's and Enos rushed him and they both fell to the floor, then Be got up before Enos did and he began to run out the door then Enos got up and tackled him, and they both went flying through the doorand over a car.When they both got up they relized that everyone had followed them outside when the Sheriff pulled a gun on them.

Rosco-"OK you two now get up, now put your hands up."

Boss-"How are we gonna know who the real Enos is?"

Ben-"I am Sheriff you gotta belive me."

Enos-"He's lyin' Sheriff, I'm Enos."

Daisy-"How are we gonna tell who the real Enos is?"

Cooter-"Well I think I have an idea."

Luke-"I think I know where you're gonin'."

Cooter-"OK you two take your shirts off."

Ben-"What.. why do we have to do that?"

Enos-"Do we really have to?"

Cooter-"Just take your shirts off."

So Enos and Ben began to take their shirts off,and Ben was wondering why. Cooter had them take their shirts off because the real Enos would have two scars on himself, one on his chest and the other on his side, because he had gotten shot while he was in California. Everyone had relized why they were taking off their shirts but Enos and Ben.

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Well Enos and Ben had taken off their shirts and now everyone knew who the real Enos was, but they still didn't know how Ben was able to look like Enos.

Ben-"You idiot why didn't you tell me that you had gotten shot?"

Enos-"You never asked."

Rosco-"Yeah, but though your not Enos why do you look like him?"

Enos(pulling off Bens mask)-"He was wearin' a mask Sheriff."

Well now that everyone was who they said they were Rosco was able to take Ben to the state pen for acouple years for kidnapping, and impersonating an officer of the law.

Now about two weeks after this incident and about the time Enos' black eyes and broken nose were almost unseeable Enos and Daisy had decided on a wedding date, and everyone in Hazzard was invited, and everyone came to see what was known as the wedding of the century, which no one would wanna miss. Well the wedding went off without a hitch eventhough Enos almost passed out acouple times before the ceremony and Daisy was surprizingly nervouse everything was just as they had planned.

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Well they had finally gotten married, later on after the cerimony Boss had been forced to put on a big feast for everyone by Lulu, much to Boss's dislike. Enos was one of the happiest men on earth, and you could tell it just by one look at him, Daisy was also happy that she had finally gotten married to one of the nicest guys she had ever met. But the night wouldn't be complete without some teasing from Bo and Luke.

Luke-"Hey Enos ol' buddy, it look like I won't be asking you a certain little question anymore."

Bo-"Now we have to find somethin' else to rag on you about don't we."

Daisy-"Would you two leave him alone."

Enos-'But you know their right Daisy."


They all sat there awhile laughing, then Daisy reminded Enos of the time, so they both got ready to leave, and everyone followed them out to Daisy's jeep and waved to them as they drove off.

Daisy-"Why do they always have to pick on you Enos?"

Enos-"Oh Daisy it's OK, now they won't have anything to pick on me for."

Daisy-"Well that's true."

Enos-"Yeah I know, but I don't want to think about that right now."

They both just laughed as they drove on down the road.

~~~The End~~~

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