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  1. That episode was Happy Birthday General Lee - it is a great episode.
  2. I not sure which season (4 or 5), but Coy & Vance and Bo & Luke are all involved that season.
  3. I have to favorite episodes that are kinda sequels of each other and they are Coy and Vance episodes: New Dukes Return of the Mean Green Machine
  4. What do you think the chances are of buying one of these cars from the movie and/or how would you go about finding out this information?
  5. Where are Coy & Vance now? Are they still making shows? Are they living in California? Any info...???
  6. Where did they get the cars for the movie? Did they buy some from people who had them fixed up or did they find a few junkers and have a local body shop do the work?
  7. I have never met Ben Jones, but I have only heard good things about him. I am not a political person so I will not cross that bridge. However, I truly believe Ben and those guys do appearances because they love the show and fans. Yes, they do make a few dollars, but nothing in the world is free. I have had the pleasure to meet John, Tom, and Sonny and John and Sonny are at the top of my list. They wanted to meet the fans and get to know each one, however Tom was the exact opposite.
  8. Does anyone know if, when, or where they are filming this weekend?
  9. Why don't you care about season 5? I personally enjoyed the Coy & Vance episodes.
  10. It appeared in two episodes: - The New Dukes - Return of the Mean Green Machine
  11. I would like to become an extra in the movie if possible. How, when, where, or what do I do? Any information would be appreciated.