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  1. That was awesome seein the general take that corner like that.
  2. I thought some parts looked good....although some parts looked really retarted, I thought Jessica Simpson looked great....but holy crap who got the black guy to sing the theme song, it sucked!
  3. Hey, if you do go ahead and paint it general lee colors...i wanna see a picture of it if ya don't mind
  4. My favorite episode from the 2nd season is...Jude Emery ...How about yours?
  5. Hey, thanks for the info lost sheep i appreciate it. Yeeehaaaw!
  6. Hey, thanks for posting the letter from Ben...In the letter he mentioned the Roy Rogers museum moving to branson, missouri, well im only 20 minutes away from Branson missouri, i wonder if Ben might be visiting it when it gets here!
  7. Does anybody know what else the guy who is playin enos (Weston) has played in just curious?.
  8. Well, we've heard more about roscoe than we have enos though...does anybody even know who is playin enos?
  9. well, i haven't seen any movies with seann in them but i have knoxville so i figure he will do alright I'm Out
  10. Hey i'm right there with everyone else...despite some of the negative feedback on this website...no one can change my mind....I can't Wait!
  11. thank you cap't redneck...it's good to see that im not the only one who thinks that
  12. no, im sure that information about them pushin the dukes back bc of the herbie can't be true its 2 different companies...disney and warner brothers
  13. Well, no offense but, i hope no one signs the petition. my gosh i love the dukes too, but give it a chance you may really like it, but then again u may hate but give it a chance before you go makin a petition and everything!
  14. Well, I'm a big dukes of hazzard fan too but, we should just go see the movie....i mean if we don't like it, we don't like it...i mean...come on it doesn't do any good to complain. I mean sure it's degrating to the real show but...you know how that goes