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  1. Well if he ain't in a story, he ain't in our town yet. Picks up profile, impressed with the new character. Then crumbles the paper and tosses it in the trashcan for 3 points. All after that's what made Hazzard so appealing, they didn't do anything like it was done elsewhere.
  2. "Howdy boys," Louie walked up to the car that Coy and Vance were in. "Just what are you two side winders doin' here?" They looked at her. "Boss called us." She narrowed her dark eyes at them. "He didn't tell me about it." "Uh, well maybe it was a bad idea we came here." The blonde said. The brunette nodded in agreement. "I suggest you fellas get the hell out of here inless you want to go to the slammer for a long time." She took a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, took one out. They watched as she put that back and got a lighter from her other jeans pocket, then lit the cigarette and took a puff of it before she looked at them again. "I'm willin' to make sure you fellas are paid well if you leave and don't come back," She paused and smiled. "Enough money you will never have to work again. Just give me a week to send it to ya." Coy and Vance looked at each other. What a dream come true. "Ok, you got a deal." Louie threw the cigarette down and stamped it out with her boot. "Take care, boys." "You too." One of them said as she disappeared. (cue anyone)
  3. B. bein' shy and reserved... I plead the 5th =)
  4. That's a great idea, MaryAnne. Vicki, If you give her a car phone than she won't need a cb... Then how would she ever know what was goin' on. Although that could lead to some interestin' scenes if Vicki had no idea what was happenin'. btw, Kristy Duke, Dixie Duke and a couple of folks all have Chevy Silverados. I only mention that because switching vehicles all the time is mighty confusin' to readers. If you need any help... send me a PM. This does look like a fun story. 8)
  5. Or when Vicki meets Hughie and Dewey's beloved baby sister... Louie Elizabeth Rachel Hogg. I figured since everyone else was puttin' themselves in this fic, I might as well add a character I've thought about for a couple of years but didn't do anything with yet.
  6. Dewey answered the phone in room 11 at the Hazzard Hotel. "No, Hughie. I ain't interested in what ever scheme you up to this time. Aunt Lulu was gracious enough to forgive me for the last time we was here and Uncle Boss had that heart attack...Hughie, you gonna argue you like that, I ain't got nothing else to say to you. You could give me all the money in the world and I still won't team up with you. That's final. Goodbye, my former brother." Dewey hung the phone up with a look of disgust. He headed out to his brand new corvette and headed toward the county line. If Hughie thought for one minute, he was gonna get one foot in Hazzard soil, well he had another thing comin'. He then radioed his cousin Cletus who took off for one of the other county lines. Cletus was the one to relay the message to Boss and Lulu. Boss was furious and made a call. He meet his nephew Dewey at the county line. Hughie would be no problem. After all he had more importnant things like Max Davenport to be concerned with. Cletus smiled as another vehicle came screamin' by. It was Louie... the younger sister of Hughie and Dewey. Folks, you thought her brothers were trouble makers...You ain't seen trouble till you've met Louie Elizabeth Rachel Hogg. She's as mean and nasty as her uncle is crooked. In fact, Bo and Luke'd rather eat a plate of Cousin Alice's pecan cookies before messin' with the orney southern belle.
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