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  1. I actually found the font! Of course it costs money online though: Bernhard Gothic SG Cond Medium https://www.whatfontis.com/NMY_Bernhard-Gothic-SG-Cond-Medium.font Thanks for reminding me the font is also used in the opening titles, I was able to track it down using the title from One Armed Bandits. Thanks, Hoss!
  2. Does anybody have the capability of taking high-res screen shots from the End Credits? There are sites out there that will let you upload images of fonts and they'll automatically try to find close matches. I appreciate your suggestion, Hoss. I think with screen shots we could really hammer this down once and for all. I can't imagine the font doesn't exist anymore, and they sure wouldn't have created one just for the show. I actually work in Printing and I've never had as much of a hard time finding a font as I've had with this one. It's a real head-scratcher.
  3. Does anyone know what font was used in the end credits?
  4. Does anybody know if the end credits scene (cop car chasing The General around in circles around trees) was ever shown in an actual episode? I'm assuming it would have been from Season 1, and most likely post-Georgia judging by the California-type scenery. Thanks!
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