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  1. I have done several star trek related game projects and never had an issue but they are more free with fan stuff then most other licenses are. I plan to keep it pretty low key and just release information in like fan groups and stuff like that and not have a full blown website myself. I also plan on doing releases as torrents vs a physical download site under my control that way if it goes viral or something overnight I can be like yeah I made this little fan thing for fun and then now it has its own life. Most all these old shows have everything from games, fan art, fan fiction
  2. Hello Fellow Fans, I would like to Introduce myself my name Is James Regalado and I am a child of the early 80's-90's period and grew up with all these wonderful shows like the Dukes of Hazzard. I am also a fan of old School PC Adventure Games that dominated the market from the 80s-90's. I always felt that the gaming industry missed out on a golden opportunity by not licencing many television properties that existed at the time there were so many good TV shows from the 50's-90's that would have made a wonderful conversion to the Adventure Game format and delighted many a fans plus co
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