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  1. There is very little news here about the filming. apparently very hush hush... But........ There is a building leased to HAZZARD US Productions here in South Central Louisiana. Lots of work happening inside. No closed windows.. Can see it all right now. Local news did article on upcoming historical home tour and said one home was selected to be on the movie the Dukes of Hazzard. So therefore, it wouldn't be available for the tour. They wouldn't even give the location of the home. But , if you are from this area, you would know which house it is. Then rumor has it they are going to be taping north of here. Honestly, you would have to see the area. It will actually be perfect. Lots of creeks . Especially with the hilly areas.. The town they are suppose to be shooting is pretty close to the original series town. No Bar room though.... I am sure they will come up with something. I think the scenery and area will be perfect for the movie. Presently, I am stunned at the cast. I really think that they could have done a little better. Will post new updates as I see them first hand or hear of them. javascript:emoticon('8)')