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  1. That's CRAZY! I never though about that! I forgot how young John was when they were filming. Sonny definitely didn't look his age on the show. Must have been that clean Georgia living! LOL!
  2. Roger- this echoes my thoughts exactly! The Georgia episodes will always be my favorite!
  3. Mark, I too immediately thought of Hughie for Commissioner. Even though he often dressed like boss, he was his own character. I do like the idea of Cooter as the Balladeer - perfect! Even if the modern day Bo and Luke were in fact female cousins, in the modern day twist. Still having the same morals and standards like Bo and Luke. I've seen pics of Tom Wopat sporting a gray beard, so he's be the shoe-in for the "Uncle Jesse" spot at the farm as Uncle Luke... Now, the trick would be how to ditch all this modern technology... When I watched the show with my kids recently, I told them to remember this was the time before smart phones, personal computers and the Internet... although it would be awesome to see how they could integrate modern technology into a true "reboot" of the series. Heck, imagine the sheriff cars like in the Auto Trader commercial with modern LED/Strobes... Damn, those sheriff cars looked hot in that commercial! LOL! -Paul
  4. Wow, Roger! You just gave me a vivid picture of Hazzard in modern times! I wonder who'd be the county commissioner? What an awesome flashback! Thank you! -Paul
  5. Oh, she was definitely a babe! But her character was lame... She's supposed to be a Federal Revenue Agent and she acted like she had the brains of Rosco sometimes! Like her in that fishing outfit... Or her sticking her head in to get a whiff of the shine... Not once, but twice. I don't know, maybe just being a bit critical here. I just thought the character was lame, though she sure was a cutie!
  6. The "model" jumps annoyed everyone, including the actors. Was definitely garbage. Strange visitor was completely stupid. Some good entries above though that I hadn't thought of. Another one that comes to mind is the Ghost of General Lee... The effects to make the car glow like that were laughable! But, it's not like today with all the CGI... Could you imagine if the show were around today, with all of the technology? Both used in the story and the production? I guess it wouldn't be the same and would probably look like the DoH movie (which I REFUSE to see).
  7. Definitely has been stagnant for a while. I've pretty much gone thru every single thread and topic, too! Maybe there will be some spark yet, although so much has already been discussed or covered on this forum. The "behind the scenes" thread was totally awesome! Too bad that Tom, John and Catherine don't come on here. I'm sure on some level, as actors and performers, this is ancient history for them...
  8. Can't beat the Georgia episodes! I loved the scenery, the rural feel, the story and the characters much better. High Octane was a little weak with the woman who played the agent, but still good IMHO.
  9. Absolutely one of the best episodes ever! Absolutely think the Georgia episodes are the best. I often wonder how the show would have done if they kept filming in Georgia with the same "spunk" as the Georgia episodes.
  10. Dear Lord, PLEASE finish this story!!! Glad you recapped, as it has almost been a year and I've been checking weekly for updates!
  11. What tremendous loss... He was gifted and talented in so many ways. He will truly be missed by so many...
  12. Oh, and one final thought... It is truly disheartening and ridiculous to watch what passes for television these days! Ugh!
  13. Lizzy is correct. These holes are so small, they can't be seen by the naked eye. Since NASCAR dropped the minimum pressure rule, teams have been sending the cars out low. As they run, the tires heat up and the air pressure increases. There is a "sweet spot" or optimal pressure for the tires. Obviously, as the tires continue to heat up, the pressure increases past this optimal pressure, so the idea is to bleed off the air while the car is racing. A big no-no. The hammer came down on Newman and I'm sure we won't be hearing about this actually happening again for some time.
  14. Roger - you're not fooling ANYONE! LOL! But it certainly made me look! Happy April Fool's Day! -Paul
  15. I do the same thing. Personally, however, I really enjoy the Georgia episodes. The rest of seasons 1 through 4 personify my definition of the "classic" DoH. Season 5 was a bit of a mess and IMO the show never really recovered, especially when they started using model sets for the jumps. Honestly, it would've been better to just show stock footage!
  16. Thanks for the welcome, Roger! I've been lurking for about a year now and finally remembered my password and decided to chime in! This thread, and the entire website, are awesome!
  17. Thanks for the welcome, Hoss! I've been a "lurker" for about a year now. You certainly are the authority related to anything DoH! Your knowledge and contributions to this great site are nothing short of amazing! I forgot about that line in 'Repo Men' as well. I haven't seen 'Hooper' yet, but will do so now soon! They had some great productions down in Georgia in the 70s. I'd love to visit the Covington area someday...
  18. Absolutely! I especially enjoy the Georgia episodes and seeing the "now and then" pictures. I enjoyed this show greatly as a kid and now watch the episodes with my kids. It's too bad they didn't keep production in Georgia. Who knows how the show would be different, if at all. After reading hundreds of threads here, it's funny how much stuff and mistakes I notice when I watch the show now. And best of all, I get to tell my kids about all the stuff they didn't have back in the 70s and 80s!
  19. Correct! There seems to be a bit of little nuances like that. For example, in one of the Georgia episodes (One Armed Bandits, maybe?) Bo and Luke are lost in the junkyard and Luke chides Bo by saying, "Burt Reynolds never gets lost," to which Bo replies, "yeah, 'cause he's got a mustache!" That timeframe would've been when Smokey and the Bandit was released.
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