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  1. The movie would make lots of money if it has the right cast,so that shouldn't matter.I am a huge dukes fan. I will watch it no matter what happens and if i can suggest the right cast and the right person sees it, It could be a huge movie. Thanks for your comments I appreciate them.
  2. Awesome Cast For The Big Screen Dukes Most Dukes of Hazzard Fans Should Agree that this would be a great movie with this cast.Some of the choices need to be pictured in character,but they are great pics if i do say so myself Bo Duke-Paul Walker Luke Duke-Hugh Jackman Daisy Duke-Mandy Moore Boss Hogg-Danny Devito Uncle Jesse-Bruce Willis Roscoe P. Coltrane-Owen Wilson Enos Strait-Luke Wilson Cooter Davenport-Ashton Kutcher Balladeer-Kenny Rogers OR Toby Keith