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  1. Does anyone recall "Duck Amuck," he WB cartoon with Daffy Duck being drawn in crazy ways, constnatly changing and conflicting scenes, and so on? Funny stuff even comes from his mouth. Even the end, the artist is revealed, as Bugs Bunny looks at the camera fromt he drawing board and says, "Ain't I a Stinker/" It would be hard with a TV show - but it's worth a shot. This idea arose out of the fact the General is named after, of course, General lee. And, the idea was, what if people got the two mixed up? Especially if in some weird dream, the car wound up surrendering (an army just coming out of the hood & signing a paper) to General Grant at Appomattox? You don't have to use that, of course - but it's one idea. I also thought of 2 other scenes it would be great if you could use, please: Daisy starting to say Scarlett O'Haara's famous line, then says something totally wacky that doesn't have anything to do with it. Like, "I'll thinka bout that...dirigibles." Rosco somehow reciting pi (the digits in pi), and then Boss Hogg reciting pies - apples, Dutch apple, cherry, etc. It doesn't have to be Boss Hogg "finally getting back at the Duke Boys." (Like Elmer Fudd did Bugs Bunny in a Duck Amuck-type cartoon later, "Rabbit Rampage.") It can be, though. The whole point is, one of the characters is writing this as a prank on the others. I know, not as easy as my Flash challenge or my other challenges, but it's possible, at least. And, so I can get the idea out of my brain rather than trying to wrack it anymore, since I dont' have the time, I thought I'd post it here.
  2. One more, then I'm off for a little while. Given Flash's breed, it's very probably the same one was aroudn all 7 seasons - but it'd make an interesting one for just after the series ends. What's the history of Rosco's dogs? Has his dog always been named Flash? (I think in my Hazzard Sparkplugs I have Waylon saying something like "It was either Flash VI or V by this time - noone could remember which.") Anyway, the plot idea is this: Flash (whatever number) finally dies of old age, and Rosco's heartbroken. But, after a few days, he feels like getting another Flash, same breed and everything. Only, there's some evil puppy mill operators that Boss just started working with, and while he promises to get Rosco a dog fromt here, the Dukes are trying to stop it while also hoping to find Rosco a dog from a reputable breeder. I had the plot idea 4-5 years ago, but never got any further than the plot bunnys tage, and as I said, I wouldn't have time to write it now. But, y'all can have tons of fun with it. (Oh, and when y'all get done, put the stories up on fanfiction.net, too, as I'm still on there once in a blue moon.)
  3. Yeah, those plot loops are what fanfiction is for it's to say to viewers, "We know you're inteligent, you can come up with some explanation." Just nobody being there that we see to help Jesse; actually, not only is it likely tha Bo, being big into racing, could easily have hired someone, but there are 2 characters who not only could have, but very likely did, help Uncle Jesse out on the farm. Characters that had to leave to help someone else then. Just like last time. I'm talking about Coy and Vance. hey, it's plausible, it would explain that hole, and brings them back without having them actually int he reunion.
  4. Sorry, but this is separate from the political challenge (or is it? Might not have to be) so it gets a new post. Your challenge is to writ ea fanfic that explains the insurnace industry in Hazzard and how Boss Hogg keeps replacing all those patrol cars. Hmmm, now that I think about it, that *could* be a tie-in to the political one. Maybe in return for leaving Hazzard alone, Boss Hogg makes sure the state reps and members ofthe House of Representatives have sweetheart deals with reps from some other district where they make all those cars. they then support each other's legislationa ll the time, etc.. Boy, I'm starting to scare myself with how sneaky all that sounded; I think I better log off for now. Although, it doesn't explain the car insurance; unless you don't need insurance in Hazzard on the cars themselves. (Funny rider - "This policy only covers the injuries to others, and will in no way indemnify the driver if the car itself is damaged in any way .) Ad idea: Of course Geico can save you money on your car insurance; I'm the Geico gekko, I should know. Now, where are you from?...What? Are you out of your mind? Geico can't do anything for Hazzard! *click*
  5. I have no time for fanfic anymore, at least not big, long ones, though I've got a few Dukes ones here and on fanfiction.net. However, I have one itneresting one for yo'all. Boss Hogg's obviously got a whole county pretty much under his thumb, like a number of such Southern bosses. He dabbles witht he big boys a lot (and needs the Dukes to get him *out* of such scrapes), but that's usually in crime. What if he was to try his hand in politics at a state level. Or even national - don'tcha wonder just what the U.S. Rep. from that district thinks? My hunch is, he probably represents a few counties, and just ignores Hazzard totally, thinking it's too dangerous politically; maybe Boss even pays him off. Or, controls him in some other way. So, my challenge for the election year - write a story where Boss Hogg decides to run for state or national office. Maybe the U.S. rep from that very rural district (Hazzard, Chickasaw, 1-2 others) did something to anger Boss Hogg and he decides to get him back. Do the Dukes have to stop him? Do they support another candidate? I forget if the reunion movie mentioned how Coter got into office (obviously a play on what Ben Jones did in real life), but while I prefer my "Hazzard Sparkplugs" TL, you could have Cooter running against Boss Hogg. (Actually, my guess is that the easiest way to flesh out the reunion movie TL is to say Cooter ran against a Boss-controlled candidate after Boss Hogg died. So, that wouldn't be any fun.) Or, could it be like my "The Last Strw" - but with Daisy running for the state/national office instead of as commissioner? remember, the media could be controlled somewhat - this would be the mid-to-late 1980s, before blogs and everything, but Boss Hogg trying to keep all those skeletons inside his closet would be funny in itself. Good luck.
  6. Sorry, Mr. Best, i just now noticed we shoud ask each question separately; hopefully the mods accepted the fanfiction one as just one and this can be a new post: Do you ever think about the backstory of your characters, like why Roco is like he is? With all the talk of concussions in sports, I'm wondering if you think he might have had a few too many hits as quaraterback; the balladeer did mention Rosco was a QB back in '44 or4 so, and it would explain Rosco's dumbness at times. Or, don't actors really consider gback story too much?
  7. I was just curious if you've ever read fan fiction? I've written a few on fanfiction.net. One was an idea I had before I knew Sorrell Booke died, to be made into a reunion movie, called "The Hazzard Sparkplugs." It has Boss Hogg owning a baseball team - it's on hazzardnet.com, too, with my other stories, if you're curious. Also, do you think, with the news about concussions lately, that maybe your character suffered a lot in high school? I seem to recall the balladeer saying Rosco was the starting quarterback. Or, don't you think much about the backstory of your characters?
  8. First, I see we're not allowed to post links, but I'll mention the name and Anyway, I helped my friend write this story that I thought should be up here, which he finally got up on fanfiction.net - he could only choose 2 of 3 shows that he crossed over to list it under, so it's not on the Dukes crossovers, but it's a hilarious, time travellin' romp through history as Boss Hogg and some people from One Life To Live try to get rich quick like ol' Boss always does. he didn't choose the Dukes as one of the 3 he crossed over, but I'd say they get 50% of the time - or is that 50% of 50% :-) His screen name is Whose and the story name is "One History to Confuse." It's got Boss Hogg and Danny tanner (from Full House) and others battling in 800 to be King of the Franks - via a hot dog eating contest. It's got Boss Hogg interrupting the famous speech from Julius Caesar ("Friends, Romans, Contrymen...") while peple keep getting seized, it's got some great or horrible puns (depending on how you like puns), and lots more; including a final two-parter where Boss Hogg brings back a famous world leader to Hazzard. And, of course, the Dukes try to stop him at every turn. More along the lines of parody at times, but if the site doesn't have fanfiction anymore, I did want to post about it and ask y'all to go visit - and to review his story.
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