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  1. During the commercials that were running to promote the big screen Dukes movie in 2005, there was a rock version of "Good Ol' Boys," but it didn't appear during the movie and is not on the soundtrack. I have never been able to track down details...who sings it? Where can I find it? Any help is appreciated!
  2. I didn't hear anything about that this past weekend. There were no signs posted at Cooter's Place or at the Smoky Mtn Fan Fest about it, is that still the plan? I might just try to take out a loan for the car...LOL!
  3. I attended the Smoky Mountain Fest, and overall I was disappointed. Merle Haggard was forced to cancel due to health issues, which I fully understand, and they are refunded a portion of the ticket price. But I was more disappointed with the lack of activities and vendors at the event. It was cool meeting some of the stars from the show, and Cooter had some items from his store out, but other than that there was really not much to do. Some of the actors charged for their signatures, which I thought was a bit strange considering the price of the admission. I don't have a problem with charging for more than one autograph like Byron Cherry and Catherine Bach did, but to charge for the first signature just didn't sit well with me. Ben Jones signed everything for free regardless of how many items a fan had, and spent several minutes chatting with everyone who came through, which I thought was awfully nice of him. He spent several moments talking to my boys and even did a "Crazy Cooter" CB call on video for us, calling both of my boys by name as well.
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