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  1. hi from southern ontario canada, i met john last month in toronto and he said there might still a dukesfest this year, but i think its to late for the regular joe to book time off this late in the game, so im going to nashville next month to revisit cooters with out the other million dukesfans standing in line to get in, dukesfest should of never left nashville in my opinion, but is was great to visit the duke farm house, boars nest, and town square in atlanta, it blew my mind standing in these places i grew up watching on tv
  2. hey whats up? welcome to Hnet

  3. My name is James, im 37, ive been watching the dukes since i was a kid, ive been going to dukesfest since 05 and love every year, i have purchased some items from your website and have been very pleased, and recently i have check out jimmy stewarts web site thanks to you and have bought some thing as well, i plan on going there this year as its not to far to drive from southern ontario, just a hop across lake erie, i guess i dont really have any question aside from is there a dukesfest this year, i am going to nashville in june to go back to cooters and then on to graceland to see the king, so in closing, thank you for all you do, mr. best, god bless and god bless USA and CANADA p.s. i really liked seeing you on mayberry, my 2 fav shows, good family values - james
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