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  1. Here is a list of the towns in Hazzard County: Hazzard Colonial City Cedar City Greenriver Coreyville Are there anymore villages or settlements in Hazzard County that I did not mention?
  2. Roger, I watched Sittin' Dukes and Uncle Jesse is talking to Daisy in the jail cell and is apparently telling her a story and says "....and then your Aunt Clara..." So it leaves a great deal of possibilities. I started a family tree at Duke Family Tree. CHECK IT OUT. If anyone has any name suggestions, please post. Need names for all the cousins parents, Bo, Luke & Jud, Jeb Stuart, Daisy, Coy, and Vance. BE CREATIVE THINK SOUTHERN!! Be sure to add birthdays, not years though, and the mothers need maiden names. Don't use your own name and birthdays please!! THANKS!! Commissioner R.J. King
  3. NOTE: The race between Uncle Jesse and Boss in supposed to go into Hatchapee County, but when they meet at Cooter's to discuss the route Cooter says "with one invasion into Choctaw County, that's Sheriff Loomis' territory." Isn't Sheriff Loomis, Hatchapee County Sheriff? And why isn't Hatchapee County on the map? Maybe Hatchapee County had an agreement with Choctaw County that Sheriff Loomis' jurisdiction would be Choctaw County as well? But in Double Sting there is Choctaw County Sheriff Emmett Ragsdale, so maybe Choctaw County got rid of him and just used Hatchapee County.
  4. Season 2, Episode 1 Days of Shine and Roses Locations: Grand County Hatchapee County Calico Junction Choctaw County (see note at the bottom) Willet Bridge Badger Crossroads, near Highway 104, on Pine Hollow Road Rivers & Lakes: Miller's Swamp Hard Labor Creek Mud River ? Roads: Highway 104 Swamp Road Mud River Road Pine Hollow Road People: Chief Batchley, Grand County Sheriff Emmitt "Spike" Loomis Abel, retired revenue agent Homer Sam, bartender Businesses/Organizations: Old Time Ridgerunner's Association Shortie's All Night Rib Shack Hazzard County Impound Yard Season 2, Episode 2 Gold Fever Locations: Spencer Creek (town?) Pruitt Corners Roads: Mount Paran Road (crooked road) People: Widow Cambell Buck, henchman Dusty, henchman H.H. Harkness, con man Mr. Terwilliger Businesses: Bank of Hazzard County Hazzard Theater Furniture Mart Moss Hotel ? Hazzard Hotel Gordon and Lowell, Attorneys at Law Maynard's Clothes Ice Cream Parlor Season 2, Episode 6 The Ghost of General Lee Locations: Hopkins Crossing Sweetwater County Cottondale Roads: Route 911, goes into Sweetwater County Snake Nation Road Jimson Lane Route 99, off of Route 911 River Road, off of Route 99 Route 36 Shelby Road People: Sheriff Lacey, Sweetwater County, formerly Chief Lacey, Springville County Ernie Becky Mae Lawrence Sunshine Phil Avery Maybelle Tillingham Businesses: Furniture Mart Hazzard Theater Hazzard County Feed and Seed in front of Boars Nest Season 3, Episode 7 Uncle Boss Locations: Cotton, town in Hazzard County ? (maybe Cottondale?) Rockville, location of College Capitol City Seminole Canyon Rivers & Lakes: Bone Creek Roads: Willow Road, near Duke Farm People: Hughie Hogg, same age as Luke Mary Belle Digby, Daisy's best friend, marrying Jeb Elmo, Hughie's driver E.W. Brown lives in Cotton Judge Druten Tolliver Family Businesses: Rockville College Hazzard Theater Hazzard County Feed and Seed First Baptist Church McCormick's Furniture Mart Hazzard County Telephone and Telegraph Company Drug Store Barber Hogg's Auto Wrecking Season 3, Episode 8 Baa Baa White Sheep Locations: Lumber Camp Finchburg, Pop: 127 Finchburg County, over state line Dear Meadow, Aunt Emma Lou Hogg's property Roads: Route 36 People: Aunt Emma Lou Hogg, died several weeks ago Benjamin Thompson "Benny the Quill" Abraham Lincoln Hogg Finchburg Sheriff Judge Charles Druten Businesses: Miss Drucilla's Hazzard Theater Acme Construction Company Yellow Pine Timber Company Seth M. Berley and Company Rhuebottom's General Delivery and Dry Goods O'Connor Paint Supply Hazzard County Veteran's Organization
  5. In Baa Baa White Sheep, Luke and Daisy have to go into Finchburg County, which is over the state line. I looked up Finchburg, AL and there is such a place, and there is no Finchburg in Tennessee. So I believe that Hazzard County bordered both Tennessee and Alabama. I believe Tennessee bordered Hazzard because of the Beaudrys lived in Tennessee, and Rosco still had jurisdiction until the state line. But then there is the problem of Choctaw County, it is on the northwestern border of Hazzard County. So perhaps Choctaw County was only bordered by one Georgia county, Hazzard, and Alabama and Tennessee on the other sides.
  6. Quick correction to my list, Boss's great grandfather is Harry Hogg, not Henry Hogg. Commissioner R.J. King
  7. From Baa Baa White Sheep, Great Aunt Emma Lou Hogg, Abraham and J.D.'s grandfather's sister, never married, was called "Miss" by Judge Truten. Abraham and Boss were born on April 6, 1926. Abraham is 5'5" and weighs 200lbs. Commissioner R.J. King
  8. Hey Roger, Are there any Duke relatives that you have knowledge of that I did not list on this forum? And does anyone know Jesse's wife's name Martha or Lavinia? Commissioner R.J. King
  9. Season 2, Episode 16 Treasure of Hazzard Locations: Denton's Farm, purchased by the Weatherby Family later on. Jesse's grandmother grew up on the farm. Indian's Bluff renamed to Henderson Ridge, south of Weatherby Farm. Cumberland Marker. Joshua Duke born here. Old name. Wayside Chapel, burned December, 1873 Zack's Landing, entrance to the marsh. Colonial City, over ten miles from Duke farm. Dalton's Mill, formerly Wayside Chapel Rivers & Lakes: Willow Creek Marsh (no name, any help?) 1 mile wide, 10 miles around. Roads: Mill Road, Lester Crabb mentions the Dukes live on this road, Daisy later drives on the road. Highway 36 Marsh Road County Route 7 Directions to Boars Nest from Hazzard: Take Highway 36 for two miles and on the right. (Said to Laura by Cooter) People: Stacy Williams Sheriff Lester Crabb, the travelling sheriff. Laura Bardsley Union Army Lt. Gen. Walker Atkinson (Civil War) Grandma Denton Duke, alive in 1860s Caleb Duke, came to America from Europe in 1750s. Martha Duke, wife of Caleb. Joshua Duke, son of Caleb and Martha Duke. Born September 9, 1762, born on way to Hazzard. Jeb McCobb Sam & ???? McCobb (twins) Dr. James Fenwick Businesses: [Hazzard] County Historical Society Museum in Colonial City, opens at 9:00 am. Season 2, Episode 17 Officer Daisy Duke Locations: Morgan's Airfield Bobcat Pass Roads: State Highway 30 Highway 71 Choctaw Trail, at the end of Highway 24. Morgan's Airfield on this road. Swamp Road, at the end of Highway 24 Highway 24 Pleasant Hill Road, crosses Highway 24. Oicangy/Agnacio Road Diablo Road Mary's Road Businesses: Hazzard County Gravel Pits Snack Shop Ten-Twenty Market Hazzard Hotel City Drugs Jean Pare Cosmetics Darleen Perfume General Store Drug Store Delaney's Hazzard Children's Orphanage People: Sheriff Grady Byrd, Boss' cousin. Floyd Baker Molly Harmon Mary Ellen Harry Mr. Pottsdale Andy
  10. Aunt Kate Duke is mentioned in "To Catch a Duke" Aunt Lavinia Duke is mentioned in "Return of the Ridge Raiders" **Jesse hasn't spoken to her in over 20 years, what could fo caused that? Commissioner R.J. King
  11. I guess that will make it more fun when I make the Strate Family Tree, more creativity. Thanks Roger for the mentions of Enos' aunt and uncle. Commissioner R.J. King
  12. Season 1, Episode 9 Limo One is Missing Locations: Choctaw, old iron ore mining town. Ore disappear 60 years ago (1919). Collyer's Corner Tucker Ridge Roads: Weatherly Road Choctaw Road (leads up to the old mining town, dead ends) County Road ? Businesses: Hazzard County Feed and Seed, next to Boars Nest (later moved to the town of Hazzard post-1979) People: Pettigrew Family, farmers. Season 2, Episode 20 Return of the Ridge Raiders Locations: Pine Ridge Roads: Capitol City Highway Frontage Road Cumberland Alley Businesses: Hogg Mining Company (555-6500) Hazzard Theatre (In Town of Hazzard) Hazzard Telephone & Telegraph Company (In Town of Hazzard) Tri-County Press Warehouse & Storage, 315 Cumberland Alley (555-6400) Allied Security on Frontage Road Barber Shop (In Town of Hazzard) Senior Citizens Center of Hazzard County, building commenced at the end of the episode. People: Buster Moon, Sheriff (only during this episode) Amos Petersdorf, old Hazzard fire chief Sue Ann Petersdorf (granddaughter of Amos) Henstep McCullum Jud Simpson Aunt Lavinia, hasn't spoke to Jesse in 20 years (Duke Family) Charlie Cooper "Coop the Snoop" Reporter from Capitol City, formerly from Hazzard. Betty Sue Terwilliger Sue-Ann Pettigrew Judy Jerimiah Kathy Kenny Caylee Dunham Barnes Family Kay Lou Dunn Newtie Hazzard Organizations: Hazzard Fire Deparment Town Treasury Buiding Committee, Jesse Duke is head Season 2 Episode 22 R.I.P. Henry Flatt Rivers & Lakes: Miller's Creek Miller's Pond Roads: Miller's Creek Road Highway 7 Route 36 Businesses: Hogg's Heavenly Acres, planned development, never started. Fanny's Fabrics Ice Cream Parlor Rick's Pool Room and Lounge Capitol City Youth Center, Capitol City City Morgue, Capitol City People: John Hank, buried in Veteran's Cemetery Frank ?? 1847-???? Henry Flatt Born Decmeber 1, 1929, NOT DEAD Gail Flatt, Henry's daughter Peggy, Capitol City Sin-Ku-San Season 3, Episode 14 My Son, Bo Hogg Locations: Greensville Pine Ridge Crossroad Chickasaw County Finchburg Rivers & Lakes: Green River Roads: Hazzard County Route 3 into Chickasaw County Hazzard County Route 16 into Chickasaw County State Route 36 Businesses: Tri-County Emergency Hospital Bill's Gas Seth M. Berley and Co. People: Betty Rogers C.V. Gumble, Chickasaw County Bubba Sheriff "Big" Ed Little, Chickasaw County Doc Petticord Earl Hooper Dr. Floyd Lulu Hogg Season 3, Episode 15 To Catch a Duke Locations: Wilton Bridge (washed out winter 1980-1981) Okamulgee Indian Canes Roads: Route 36 Ridgerunner Road Businesses: Aimee Bernice's Cafe Moss Hotel Seth M. Berley & Company Yellow Pine Lumber Company Furniture Mart Hazzard Theatre People: Lori Mae Enos ?? Myrna & Burt Rowby, Nashville Aunt Kate Duke Aunt Emma and Uncle Eilbur Coltrane of Nashville Billy Burdett Sheriff (yes SHERIFF) Cletus Hogg Picard Family Season 3, Episode 16 Along Came a Duke Locations: Placid County Atlanta Museum Chalk Hill(s) Cedar City Hazzard High School Rivers & Lakes: Hobson Creek Roads: Highway 36 Highway 3 Businesses: Hazzard County Cultural Commission Hazzard County U.S. Post Office Drug Store Ice Cream Parlor People: Beauregard Mason Eustis Hasting Jeb Stuart Duke Cooter's Cousin Earl Season 5, Episode 6 Big Daddy Locations: North Junction on Route 111 Devil's Ridge River Crossroads Rivers & Lakes: Canyon Spring, near Chestnut Road Hazzard Pond Roads: Frontage Road Route 36 Highway 142 out of Hazzard Route 102, near Chestnut Road Chestnut Road, near 142 Route 111 Route 102 Businesses: Rhuebottom's General Store All Night Pizza Parlor on Frontage Road Hoggoco Gasoline Barber Shop Hazzard Picture Palace Bank of Hazzard County People: Jenkins Family Ned Baker, friend of Jesse's from Capitol City Ernie Ashuburn, Big Daddy's driver Big Daddy Hogg, Boss's father Mrs. Tisdale Season 5, Episode 21 Farewell, Hazzard Locations: Lover's Rock Roads: Hatchapee Road Businesses: J.D. Hogg Furniture Mart Prtichard Industries, Dallas, TX O'Connor Pain Supply Rhuebottom's General Store There is a auto garage near Hatchapee county line People: Ben Whately in Hatchapee County Aunt Lavinia, Jesse's wife, died on farm. Lisa Sue Pritchard, owner of Pritchard Industries, Dallas, TX Season 6, Episode 4 Brotherly Love Locations: Hatchapee Turnoff Roads: Old Mill Road Fox Hill Road Old Ridge Road Cottonwood Lane County Route 19 Potters Road near Route 19 Businesses: Tri-County Ambulance Tri-County Hospital Hazzard Picture Palace People: Sue-Ann Harley, EMT McCaw Family Charlie Byrnes Season 6, Episode 6 Boss Behind Bars Locations: Anderson Corner People: Milo Beaudry Bib Tarkey Bubba Buford Sledge Beaudry Pa Beaudry Season 6, Episode 8 Targets: Daisy and Lulu Locations: Willet Bridge Paisley's Crossroads on Miller Road in Hazzard County Roads: Miller Road to Hatchapee County. Businesses: Capitol City Airport Hazzard County Emporium Bank of Hazzard County Hoggoco Gasoline Co. Hazzard County Gazette Hazzard Feed and Seed Season 6, Episode 9 Twin Trouble Locations: Greenville, 30+ miles from town of Hazzard Old Barn Crossroads Roads: Old River Road Highway 7 Route 36 Businesses: Design Jewlers, Ltd., Capitol City Hazzard County Telephone Company Hazzard Hotel Bank of Hazzard County Hazzard Emporium Rhuebottom's General Merchandise O'Connor Paint Supply Law Offices of Gary Butler, Attorney at Law, new as of 1984 People: Sheriff Floyd, Hatchapee County Sidney & Sandy Balloo Mr. Cash Callaway Season 7, Episode 7 Cool Hands, Bo & Luke Locations: Osage County "Land of Justice" Roads: Only one road between Hazzard and Osage Businesses: Capitol City Storage Osage Impound Yard Used Car Lot (Hazzard) WHOGG Radio 109.0 Osage County Correctional Road Prison People: Sheriff R.P. "Droopy" Cathcarte Colonel Cashius B. Claibourne, County Commissioner of Osage County Deputy Slater Ezra Fulton, friend of Jesse's, Congressman Season 7, Episode 8 Go West, Young Dukes Locations: Boot Hill Cemetery Boot Hill Businesses (1872): Park & Penn Remedies Eagle & Eagle Whiskey Becky's Dry Goods & Sundries Sleepy City Bank J.D. Monarres Barber Shop People: Steven R. Lampke Thadius B. Hogg, 1872 Jerimiah Duke, 1872 Jenny Duke, 1872 Joe Duke, 1872 Hank Duke, 1872 Dixie Duke, 1872 Jeeter Davenport, 1872, town blacksmith Rufus Z.Coltrane, Sheriff, 1872 Nancy Jones, desceased, buried in Boot Hill Cemetery Bart Miller, 1872 Extra Notes: Jessup Road, Cooter's Farm Rapahoe County Green Apple Road Wilson Corners
  13. Thats Commissioner King!! haha, RJ is just fine. I have read most of those posts in the past, when I didn't have the whole series on DVD. Will post my notes on this forum!!
  14. Glad to hear such great feedback!!! Maybe I haven't watched enough episodes yet, but I haven't heard anything on Enos' family yet. Excepot his parents were mentioned in the 1997 Reunion. Some more Duke Family members, mentioned in "Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke" Uncle Albert, has two children. Married to Bessie. Uncle of Luke, Bo, Daisy, Coy, Vance, Jeb Stuart, and Jud Kane. Was in the hospital. Aunt Bessie, has two children. Married to Albert. Aunt of Luke, Bo, Daisy, Coy, Vance, Jeb Stuart, and Jud Kane.
  15. Hi! I want to try to create a family tree and a family history for the Duke, Hogg, and Coltrane families. In several episodes they drop names of family members, here is what I have so far. There are some inconsistancies. Any help is appreciated. Duke Family: Jesse L. Duke, either uncle or great uncle of Bo, Luke, Daisy, Coy, Vance, Jeb Stuart, and Jud Kane. Was married to Lavinia. Lukas K. Duke, nephew of Jesse, brother of Jud Kane. Beauregard "Bo" Duke, nephew of Jesse. Daisy Mae Duke, nephew of Jesse. Came to live with Uncle Jesse at age 6. Coy Duke, nephew of Jesse. Vance Duke, nephew of Jesse. Jeb Stuart Duke, nephew of Jesse from Placid County where there are other Dukes. Jud Kane Duke, nephew of Jesse, brother of Luke. Raised by a Miss Norris until her death when he found out about real family. Gaylord Duke, third cousin of Bo, Daisy, and Luke from England. Philip Duke, died ten years ago presumably in England. Katrina "Kay" Duke, lives in England. Henshaw Duke, Grandfather of Daisy, Luke, and Bo, maybe Jesse's father? Grandma Denton Duke, grandmother of Jesse Duke, maiden name Denton. Caleb Duke, settled Hazzard County in 1762 (I think) with wife Martha and infant son Joshua. Martha Duke, settled in Hazzard County in 1762 with husband and infant son Joshua. Joshua Duke, son of Caleb and Martha settled in Hazzard in 1762 as an infant, born that year. Jerimiah Duke, great grandfather of Jesse Duke, husband of Jenny Duke. Uncle of Hank, Dixie, and Joe Duke. Lived on Duke Farm in 1872, assumably age early 40s to early 50s. Jenny Duke, great grandmother of Jesse Duke, wife of Jerimiah, great great great grandmother of Daisy Duke. (Might lead to fact that Jesse was their great uncle). Lived on Duke Farm in 1872. Age late 30s to mid 40s. Jerimiah & Jenny Duke Problem: If they are Jesse's great grandparents, where are their children? They are already in their 40s assumably. Hank Duke, great grandfather of Luke and Jud Kane Duke, alive in 1872. Lived outside of Hazzard County (aka Sleepy City). This might be a hint that Luke and Jud's parents were distant cousins because Jerimiah would be Luke's gg or ggg grandfather, and yet Hank DUKE is his great grandfather, and Hank is Jerimiah's nephew. Dixie Duke, great grandmother of Daisy M. Duke, alive in 1872. Lived outside of Hazzard County (aka Sleepy City). This might be a hint that Daisy's parents were distant cousins because Jerimiah would be Daisy's gg or ggg grandfather, and yet Dixie DUKE is her great grandfather, and Dixie is Jerimiah's niece. Joseph "Joe" Duke, great grandmother of Bo Duke, alive in 1872. Lived outside of Hazzard County (aka Sleepy City). This might be a hint that Bo's parents were distant cousins because Jerimiah would be Bo's gg or ggg grandfather, and yet Hank DUKE is his great grandfather, and Joe is Jerimiah's nephew. Holly Comfurt, Jesse's second cousin twice removed. In simple terms that means that two of Jesse's grandparents are her great great grandparents. As for the different last name there are a wide range of possibilities, one scenario could be that Jesse's mother was maybe a Miller and her father's brother's great great granddaughter is Holly Miller who married a Comfurt. John Henry Comfurt, son of Holly Comfurt, distant cousin of Duke Family. Lori Comfurt, daughter of Holly Comfurt, distant cousin of Duke Family. Hogg Family: Jefferson Davis Hogg, "J.D." "Boss Hogg," husband of Lulu Coltrane. Son of big daddy. Uncle of Hughie Hogg, Jamie Lee Hogg, and Dewey Hogg. Lulu Coltrane Hogg, wife of J.D. Hogg, brother of Rosco Purvis Coltrane and Hortense Coltrane. Daughter of Momma Coltrane. Big Daddy Hogg, father of Abraham Lincoln Hogg and Jefferson Davis Hogg. Grandfather of Hughie, Jamie Lee, and Dewey. Died in 2003. Momma Hogg, died before start of series. Ashes on Boss's mantel. Dewey Hogg, older brother of Hughie Hogg. Nephew of J.D. Hogg and Abraham Lincoln Hogg. Grandson of Big Daddy Hogg. Hughie Hogg, younger brother of Dewey Hogg. Nephew of J.D. Hogg and Abraham Lincoln Hogg. Grandson of Big Daddy Hogg. Jamie Lee Hogg, cousin of Dewey and Hughie. Nephew of J.D. Hogg and Abraham Lincoln Hogg. Grandson of Big Daddy Hogg. Grady Byrd, cousin of J.D. Hogg and Abraham Lincoln Hogg. Cletus Hogg, 3rd cousin of J.D. Hogg and Abraham Lincoln Hogg. Mabel Tillingham, J.D. and Abraham Lincoln Hogg's cousin. Dan Hogg, J.D. and Abraham Lincoln Hogg's cousin. Thadius B. Hogg (not Thaddeus), J.D. and Abraham Lincoln Hogg's great grandfather. Was alive in 1872, age about mid 40s. Was alive when J.D. and Abraham were born. "Lighthorse" Henry Hogg, J.D. and Abraham Lincoln Hogg's great grandfather. Fought in the Civil War on the Confederate side. Sadie Hogg, J.D. and Abraham Lincoln Hogg's great great grandmother. Sadie Hogg Day named in her honor. Coltrane Family: Rosco Purvis Coltrane, younger brother of Lulu and Hortense. Son of Momma Coltrane. Lulu Coltrane Hogg, younger sister of Hortense and older sister of Rosco. Daughter of Momma Coltrane. Clara Coltrane, aunt of Hortense, Lulu, and Rosco. Momma Coltrane- Mother of Hortense, Lulu, and Rosco. Hortense Coltrane, older sister of Rosco and Lulu. Emma Coltrane, aunt of Rosco, Hortense, and Lulu. Married to Wilbur. Wilbur Coltrane, uncle of Rosco, Hortense, and Lulu. Married to Emma. Brother of Clara. Davenport Family: Cooter Davenport, father of Nancy Lou Nelson. Cousin of B.B., Longstreet, and Earl Davenport. B.B. Davenport, cousin of Cooter, Longstreet, and Earl Davenport. Longstreet Davenport, cousin of B.B., Cooter, and Earl Davenport. Earl Davenport, cousin of B.B., Cooter, Longstreet Davenport. Nancy Lou Nelson, Cooter's 18 year old daughter whose mother is Beverly Hibbs. NOTE: I have researched mine, and other family trees before, and it is possible for a person, such as Boss Hogg, to be descended of two great grandfathers with the last name, Hogg. This could simply mean that his parents/grandparents were distant cousins. Remember Daisy's line in One Arm Bandits: Bo: "If you weren't my cousin I'd marry you." Daisy: "That's never stopped anyone in this family before." THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP!!!
  16. Hi! I am new to HazzardNet, and I am a big fan of Dukes Of Hazzard. I have all 7 seasons and the two reunion movies all on DVD. I am going to try to tackle the huge task of making my own map of Hazzard County. I am not going in order of episodes, but skipping around to perhaps catch any inconsistencies . For my map I am including roads, water, landforms, villages/place names, landmarks, businesses, citizens, and farms with the proper land owners. One thing I am trying to drill into my brain are that counties are BIG. And that is going to be in my mind throughout this entire project. Even though Hazzard County is small, it must have other towns in it other than just Hazzard. I the several episodes I have recently watched they mentioned that "Coreyville" is the county seat of Hazzard County, and I do believe Colonial City is in Hazzard County. I also believe that there are no incorporated towns in Hazzard County, as there are no mayors just Boss Hogg, the only member of the county commission. Anyone have anyother town names in Hazzard County (1970s-1980s, not Sleepy City thats 1872). Thanks for the help!! I'll keep you updated!! R.J. King
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