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  1. What do yall think of JS on the new superman series smallville I have for one enjoyed seeing him back on TV thats one reason why I like to watch it because he kind of brings that dukes of hazzard magic to the show sometimes especliy on a first season episode nicodemus were Pa Kent has the dukes theme playing while going down the road in a opening scene but let me know how yall fell about Mr.Schnedier being back on TV thanks
  2. Hey guys I am new to the fourms and I have been a long time dukes fan even at the tender age of 25 I still love the show.Also I got the Dukes of Hazzard DVD set this week and boy was I lucky it was the last one my wal-mart had so they have been selling out like hotcakes. And I am wondering if WB will put out the season with CoyandVance on it if they do I may not get it because they were just duke want a be's.And to I really enjoyed the extra stuff on the set as well and seeing theget together that the cast had here a while back was a real treat .Oh me James Best still sounds like Roscoe to me I guess some actors never get out of chracter some times.Let me know if your wal-mart is selling out of Dukes of Hazzard DVD's thanks.....