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  1. YAY!! IT was SOOOOO good seein ya when I was back in Maryland. I miss it so much.

  2. Me and AJ r OOOVER. THANK GOD!! But anyways next year I am goin to my senior prom there.

  3. Thanks. My B-day was great.

  4. Hey, wht's ya been up to??

  5. I have been takin pics fer my photography class. My grade went down in there.

  6. my grades r not good and mum is not happy with me right now. she says i am smarter than tht. i have a test tomorrow in my world history class and i don't think i am gonna do all tht great. I am gonna dang well try though.

  7. We talked last night. He complained tht I don't talk enough on the phone. He then said he was gonna be like me and stopped talkin. I tried talkin but I found it pointless. So, IDK.

  8. I am good. Tomorrow is 2 months fer me and him. We r gonna c if we can hang out. We not gonna get each other anything fer this one. I am glad me and him still together. We have had fights though. I told a friend tht and she's like "ur fightin already?" Unfortunently we have fought and I think the worst was over ATF weekend. The easiest way to put it is tht he got jealous of this guy i was hangin out with. Theres more to it than tht but I can't go into it all. Me and AJ have been fightin so much lately. Sometimes I just don't feel like talkin to him. Him and John came to ATF with my youth group. I wanted him to sit with me but he sat with John on the way up. He called me and i didn't answer cause couldn't use my minutes and i have told him tht multiple times. I was lettin Robert text on my phone fer a while. Robert is just a friend. AJ thought he was flirtin with me but he wasn't. Everytime AJ would sit with me he'd switch with someone. then he'd get mad when i moved or just didn't sit with him anymore. i don't get guys. He acts all jealous when I give my guy friends hugs. Yesturday I talked to my friend john which is his best friend and he wasn't happy cause he said i talked to john more than him. I have A's and B's and a 69 which is a D but very close to a C. My D is in English. My C is in World History. John is AJ's best friend. He's my friend.

  9. Ya, me an AJ r still together. Did ya think we was gonna break up?? To be honest I wasn't sure if we was gonna stay together or not.

  10. Hey, I am good. I have been tryin to get my grades up. I have ATF this weekend and AJ and John are going which will be so kool. Me and AJ are still together. I am mad at him right now. I am talkin to John on the phone right now. I was telling him how mad at AJ I am. AJ called me earlier but I was talkin to John and we was working together on our assignment so I just let it go to voicemail. If ya wanna know why i'll tell ya why I mad at him.

  11. I can try to call u. IDK if I will be able to.

  12. hey. I am good. Me and AJ r good. Well, actually we great. We very happy. We eat lunch together and hang out. It's all good.

  13. i am over my mins so it has to be on the weekend or after 9 here

  14. and I want to hear all tht's goin on with ya

  15. i haven't talked to you in forever. I miss talkin to ya. I want to tell ya wht's all goin on.

  16. his dad invited me over fer dinner but aj asked bout lunch instead.

    how have u been?? wht have u been up to??

  17. I look bad but he looks real good!!

  18. I wish they would have played more slow songs.

  19. I am good. Me and AJ have been together fer 16 days now. 16 geat wonderful days. AJ's such a great guy. I know I gettin closer to a country boy. Why is tht song perfect fer me?? AJ's perfect fer me. No, phil is still not talkin to me any more. Well, I told him we was just goin as friends. Me and AJ started goin out, I couldn't just ditch my bf. Homecomin was great. Me and AJ had a great time together. I wish me and AJ coulda been there. Of course I slow danced with AJ. I love slow dancin with him. Everything has been really good. I thought AJ ditched me today. He had burned himself and had to go to the nurse. He texted me a pic of his burnt finger. He's like it tht kool or wht. I was like it's kool if it don't hurt. He's like u care cause u love me. I didn't say anything back to tht. One of these days I'll tell him. But anyway. He texted me and told me I look cute when I laugh and stuff. I told him he was cute as a baby. He was like so I'm not now and I texted him back and was like u were and still r. He is so sweet. You should ask teresa to let u c the pic of me and AJ on her phone. I sent her a pic we took fore the dance. U would like him. I know it. Mum met him and she told me tht she likes him. I so happy!!

    I know I am talkin a lot bout me and AJ. Well, basically AJ. He's the best bf.

    wht's up with u?? It's ok ya haven't called. I have been kinda out of it. Today was my Spanish speakin proficiency test. I had to take it in front of the whole class. I was so nervous. I couldn't think at all. I got a 5 outta 20. She wondered wht was up. She said I am one of her best students. She asked me in front of the whole class if I had a bf then if I was in love. I said yes to the I have a bf question but didn't answer the r u in love question. I told AJ bout it. He didn't say much though.

  20. He said some other stuff but it ain't all tht important and I don't have time to type it.

    I do have some stuff I want to say but I don't want to say it here where everyone can read it.

  21. Oh I 4got to finish wht i was sayin bout my conversation with AJ's dad. He wanted to know wht I wanted AJ to wear. He told me to have AJ take me somewhere to eat forehand and not let him be cheap.

    My friend christian don't have a date fer homecomin yet and I was jokin round with him and told him to ask heather. He gonna double with me and AJ when we go out to eat.

  22. I feel bad bout the whole Phil thing. He won't say a word to me now.

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