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  1. Thank you MaryAnne. I really appreaciate it. ~Dee
  2. Hello my friends... Yesterday, on September 19th 2006 I went out riding on horse back with a good friend of mine. Her and I have been friends since elementary school and we both share our love for horses. Around 6:00pm we were returning home from our ride, it was a busy time of the day but it was unfortunetly our only route home. I was riding my friends paint horse Sailor and she was riding her other horse, a pinto named Gypsy. Without warning Sailor was suddenly striken from behind by a car. I was thrown from her back and landed rather hard on the shoulder of the road. I was rushed to the Emergency room and luckily only sustained a large bruise on my head and many other bruises and cuts. The unfortunate driver was suddenly blinded by the sun and althoough both my friend and I were dressed in reflective vests and the horses attired it bright colors the horrible accident could not have been avoided. Sailor was badly injured and had to be put down. She will be greatly missed by her owner and myself. She was a loyal horse and I would have been badly hurt had she not made the ultimate sacrifice. Animals are truely mans best friend. Today Im resting and recovering, my friend and I have stayed in close contact the entire day. As soon as we both recover from shock and me from my bruises we will continue riding as we love to do. The Lord was truely watching over all of us. Thank you Sailor...we will miss you. Rest in peace my friend. Chet Dukes Author ~Denise Wallan
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