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  1. *breaks a smelling salt tablet and waves it under Hilery's nose. She wakes up coughing* MaryAnne and Brian are the ones that want you out of this closet but I've got their blessing to tar and feather you, put you BACK in the closet, padlock it, chain it and ship you off to ANTARCTICA if you interfere at ALL in their duel... okay? So just stand back out of the way and let these two get down to business...
  2. *unlocks the pad lock and opens the closet door* GEEZ! What a noise maker you are! *puts a thick strip of duct tape over her mouth* sorry Kid but everyone's been complaining about the noise! *slams door again and relocks it* AHHH much better! So sorry about the noise everyone! But I took care of that!
  3. *grabs a hold of Hilery and promptly wraps her in an ESCAPE PROOF straight jacket and hauls her away from MaryAnne and Brian* down in FRONT! This is between the two of them and dont need any outside interference or attempted BRIBERY *puts her in a closet somewhere and pad locks the door* Just stay in there and think about how ILLEGAL it is to have BET on both of them! *sits back down and has another handful of popcorn* ahhh PEACE And QUIET! *looks at MaryAnne and Brian* okay Guys you may PROCEED! Min
  4. *getting out my WAD of bills* Okay! I'll place a hundred BUCKS on *drum rolling* MaryAnne Coltrane! Sorry Brian but shes a CRACK shot! Min
  5. Okay MaryAnne and Brian, if you two want to shoot it out by all means! Lets have fun! You two sell tickets because it'd be the DUEL of the century and I for one would get a big tub of popcorn and a large soda to get ringside seats! There hasnt been this much excitement around here since Sherman burned down Atlanta... We could even place BETS! Who would people put their hard earned dough down on? The spunkies deputy in Hazzard Country....MaryAnne Coltrane! Or.... The baddest reformed bad guy in Atlanta...Brian Coltrane!
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