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  1. Well I'm not lookin to be make specific and everything, mine will likely get Mickey Thompson or Cooper. I just need to know the size. If ya say the 235/70 R14 is the right tire though, that's what I'll go with.
  2. That's it!!! It was the "Ones" I was forgetting about. I knew that Cooter's little catchline rhymed at one point, and when I was thinkin about it(in my original post), it didn't rhyme. Turns out I was leavin out the "Ones" that were rhymin with "dumb". Thanks! It was drivin me nuts.
  3. I know, but you also said those were more beefy. I'm lookin for the size used on the early cars. They look plenty beefy to me.
  4. Also, does anyone know how to contact Wayne Wooten? I've found one picture of his car, but no contact information or anything else.
  5. What was it? It seems to me it was "Breaker Breaker, I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, Crazy Cooter comin at ya on the Hazzard Net..." but it seems to me that there was something in between "Breaker Breaker" and "I might be...". I'd swear that there was somethin more between there and I just can't think of it. Anyone?
  6. So could anyone tell me the tire size on the General? Only tellin me the 195 isn't much as there is still one number to go(as tires sizes are listed 195/XX 14 in this case).
  7. Well I did e-mail Bob Smith a few days ago, and no response as of now. Like I said, they don't like to deal with the little people, they want me to have them do it so they can make some money. It really makes me mad too. Ya know, my dad runs a business that I've worked at for years and we're always willing to help someone and not charge them if all it involves is giving them some information or whatever, nothing too technical. Nowadays, it's all about money to people, makes me sick. Whatever happened to "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." And the b*tch of it is, they've got me by the balls. Cause they've got what I want, so if I truly want it, they're gonna make me cough up some kind of money for it.
  8. Well I have no problem fabrication mounts for the narrower bar, but now I've gotta figure a way to fabricate those 2 flat steel plates on the outside of the pushbar and I don't have any templates or measurements to go off of. I as well, prefer the look of the thinner one. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that the wider one uses the same exact plates, so I guess I could e-mail the company but I really doubt they'd give me the measurements or template or anything. Or even send me a paper cut-out of it. Most businesses who make custom things like that only want people to buy their stuff and don't want to let their "secrets" out. Sypply and demand. They got it, and I want it. :x Any ideas on the CB location?
  9. Thank ya'll for the help. I actually found several helpful websites in the downtime waiting for your replies, namely Hazzard Retreat was a huge help. I still gotta figure out how the pushbar mounts and since there are no camera shots of under the car close enough to see how it mounts, I may have to fabricate something. I went through 20 pages of search results and never did find any details as to where the CB was mounted. Also, I'm wondering which pushbar BuildaGeneralLee.com sells. If you go to Hazzard Retreat and click the "Build a General Lee" link, scroll down and you'll notice that 2 different pushbars were used, a thin one in the early seasons and a wider ones in the later seasons. Well seeing as the early seasons were when the General Lee originated, that's what I am replicating. So I want the thinner one. I could fabricate ones of my own because it looks that the round-tubing is only about 2-feet wide and probably 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" tubing but the problem is that I don't know the exact size/shape of the 2 pieces of flat steel(parallel to the car itself) that connect the round tubing together.
  10. Thanks, for the reply. I don't want to get so anal as to getting the same clamp positions. I do however want to get the following: -Wheel size -Tire Size -Wheel make -Size and color of all decals -Color of base paint(the orange) -Interior color -If it had any options(like if it had any options from the factor, like a floor console which it did have that) -Size of roll cage tubing -The shape of the roll cage(like where the points of contact are at the frame) -Where I can get the push bar on the front or at least the dimensions and what size materials were used so that I can fabricate one -And then just simply anything they might have taken off the car from the factory -Oh yeah, and where the CB was mounted, and where the microphone was mounted for it As far as engine/drivetrain and stuff like that, I'm gonna do my own thing and put in a 440 with a Torqueflite 707 which was the tranny used on the General. Also, I looked at the Buildagenerallee.com's roll bar kit, and I know it's missing at least 1 bar and they still claim it is exact. I don't remember which episode, but one of the episodes in season 1, you can see that there is a bar that goes over the driver's door that branches off of the roll bar that goes over the roof(the one that you see in the car). So this really makes me question how "exact" everything else is that they sell. *Lastly, I noticed you can get the horn from JC Whitney, but it says it's only an 11-note horn where as the General had a 12 note. So what should I do?
  11. I mean, there are the obvious stuff like the 01 and General Lee and confederate flag and everything, but could someone please list out for me everything that sets General Lee apart from a plain jane 69 Charger? I plan on building one after I finish my current project(67 Mustang). I love building cars and it only makes sense that I build a General Lee since I love the show and car so much. So please give me any and all specs you guys have so I can make it as accurate as possible. And if at all possible, let me know where I can get some of the rarer parts(like the wheels, etc.). Also, if you've got any other websites I can go to for help, I'd be welcome to links. Thanks for your time ya'll.
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