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Carnival of Thrills Part 2 Question

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I'm sure you'll see it again soon,but I will tell you this much!

Bo punched luke,then they fought and bo decided the farm was too small for the both of them!

Then bo took off to the fair ground with the general to meet diane!

Luke got arrested for stealing county property(the general lee),by enos,while rosco arrested bo for the same!

Carl from the fair ground bailed bo out,while jessie and Daisy,bailed out luke!

Then luke,jessie and daisy were with the insurance guy for the carnival to check with the dude that crashed in the stunt that nearly killed him!

then they found out what had happened to the car as being sabotaged,cut gas line! Meanwhile,while bo and diane were getting ready,carl cuts the gas line on the general lee!

Luke and the others race to get to the fair grounds before bo makes that jump and get there in the nick of time!

They fight a bit verbally and then catch carl,while boss hogg cancels the whole stunt!

Finally,cooter fixes the gas line and luke joins bo for the 52 car jump,I loved that part when they stopped fighting with each other!!! :lol:

Then they make the jump and clear the parked cars!!! Diane and her carnival leaves s bo learns growing pains !The show ends with crawdad bisk,best the ever had!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Thanks for the re-cap Dukesfan. One thing I'd like to add though...

You mentioned that Bo was arrested for driving county property (the General), but you didn't mention that the General was county property because Luke let Rosco impound the car for a busted tail light. Luke let him take the car in an effort to keep Bo from making the 32 car jump.

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That's because the general lee was impounded by rosco in part one,I was telling you about part two!!!

In part one,luke let the general be impounded,to save Bo's hide,wich is why I never mentioned it for part two!

Whoops! Sorry! I generally watch it as a whole 2-hour movie, so I tend not to differentiate between part one and part 2.


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I just got the 3rd season DVD and saw this episode for the first time. Awhile back I was reading episode guides on tvtome.com and it said this:

Carnival of Thrills 2" is one of the few episodes offering a suggestive scene -- where a bare-chested Bo and an apparently naked Diane kiss passionately. The way it's depicted, it's obvious that was just a warm-up. No love-making scenes are shown, however; this scene is simply a transition from one act to another.

But after seeing it I saw no such scene, not that I was looking forward to it mind you. I just thought it was strange that it was mentioned and not shown when the DVDs are suppose to be un-edited. Was it edited for the DVD or does it not exist in the first place.

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I noticed in that episode, the BIG jump was done more than once.

First time, General Lee's nose dips far down.

Second time, General Lee is perfectly straight on landing.

If you also look carefully, when the General lands, the pushbar falls off. :o

I thought that was pretty funny I like watching it goes from nose up to straight out! YEEHAW!

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