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Carnival of Thrills Question

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One of my all time favorite episodes was the 2 hour Carnival of Thrills. I originally remember it being a 2 hour episode and airing like a movie. I'm hoping that it will be in that format on the Season 3 DVD boxset. I was really bummed out when Columbia House released it in its syndicated 2 part episode format. Same thing with the 10 Million Dollar Sheriff. Columbia House claims that Carnival of Thrills originally aired in 2 parts, but I only recall it as a 2 hour episode. Which way did it originally air?


Will Rodgers

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It was originally filmed as a 2 hour episode and was the last story in the show's second production block but was left over to start the Third Season.

The episode is syndicated as a two-part story; Part One ends with Bo punching Luke - the scene freezes and Waylon Jennings tells viewers they'll have to wait until next week to find out what happens next. Part Two begins with everyone walking out of the Farm House before the fight begins (as per Part One - y'all with me on this?)

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Exactly dave,that is the way I got Them taped on vhs! The carnival of thrills was in two parts,like you said,Bo punching luke,then show ended.The second part started with them walking out of the farm!

Same thing with 10 million dollar sherif,the first part ended with uncle jesse falling over a ledge,looking for the bounty hunter!

I forgot the bounty hunters name,but Roscoe hired him to frame the dukes,and they couldn't find him! When Daisy got back to the farm,uncle jessie asked her if they had ay luck locating that feller!

He then asked if she had a pic of him,he couldn't stand waiting at the farm and relunctant Daisy gave him the pic of the bounty hunter!

That's when uncle jessie stooped his tuck,stepped out and as he looked at the pic he fell over the ledge,wich ended part one!

Hope you all remember that,I got proof,have that show on vhs as well!

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