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Gilligan's Island(1964-1967)

Skipper Duke

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Season 3 Ring Around Gilligan.

Skipper:"Yes Master."

Dr. Boris Balinkoff:"I have just discovered that you are building an escape raft! I do not want anyone to leave this island, until I have completed my experiment! Destroy the raft! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!"

Skipper:"Aye, aye, Master! Roger Wilco! Over and out!"

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Season 2 Love Me, Love My Skipper

Mrs. Howell:"You've shown Mr. Howell in his true light. He's arrogant, bigoted, childish, dreadful and inconsiderate."

Skipper:"Come on, Mrs. Howell, he's not that bad."

Mrs. Howell:"Those are his GOOD points."

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Season 1 Two on a Raft

Gilligan:"Professor, those savage Marubi what do they do?"

Professor:"They're collectors Gilligan."

Gilligan:"Oh. That doesn't so bad. What do they collect?"


Gilligan(High pitched after Professor walks away off screen.):"Heads!?"

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Season 2 Meet The Meteor 

Professor:"Gilligan! Skipper! Don't go near that!"

Gilligan:"It knows our names!"

Skipper:"Gilligan, for goodness sakes, it's the Professor!"

Gilligan:"It doesn't look like the Professor!"

Professor:"Gilligan, Skipper, get away from there fast!"

Skipper:"I wonder what he's worried about?"

Gilligan:"Let's go find out. Fast!"

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Gilligan's Island Fun Fact: The Island that played the backdrop of Gilligan's Island in Season 1 (1964-1965) b/w episodes 1-36 is Sandy Cay in Bahamas. The Island that played the backdrop of Gilligan's Island in Season 2(1965-1966) and Season 3 (1966-1967) the color episodes 37-98 is Coconut Island in Hawaii.

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Season 2 Mr. & Mrs.???

Mr. Howell:"That's the last time I intend to wed you Miss Wentworth!" 

Mrs. Howell:"Did I hear you right!?" 

Mr. Howell:"You most certainly did! And if you didn't, I'll spell it out for you, the wedding is definitely off! O F F! Off!"

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Season 2 Mr. & Mrs.???

Mrs. Howell:"My name is Ms Wentworth and it will remain ms Wentworth until after the ceremony!

Skipper:"Yes mam!"

Mr. Howell:"Don't be stubborn Lovey! You were Mrs. Howell much longer than you were Ms Wentworth!"

Mrs. Howell:"Is that a remark concerning my age ??"

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Gilligan's Island Fun Fact: Alan Hale Jr. traveled across 3 states to get to the Gilligan's Island audition. Caught the ride on the highway where he rode the horse to, the ride took him to Vegas. From there, he caught a plane to Los Angeles, and took a cab to the studio.

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Gilligan's Island Fun Fact: When Alan Hale Jr. arrived at CBS Radford Studios and met Sherwood Schwartz, the conversation went like this.

Alan Hale Jr.:"Sherwood?" 

Sherwood Schwartz:"Alan?" 

Alan Hale Jr.:"Yeah it's me. I'm here." 

Sherwood Schwartz:"Good. I'm glad you could make it." 

Alan Hale Jr.:"So am I!" 

Sherwood Schwartz:"You'll be playing a boat Captain of a cruise ship Alan."

Alan Hale Jr."Perfect! I love the water! I'm a Pisces! It's a water sign. Take it as a sign of fate."

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Season 1 Goodbye, Island 

Skipper has just pulled Gilligan out of his shoe which is stuck to the Minnow's hull.

They go flying onto beach, and land right where Gilligan threw the bucket of glue earlier. The Skipper's hand goes in the glue.

Skipper:"Ahhh! Oh Gilligan!"(Flings glue off his hand. Gets it all over Gilligan's back.)

Gilligan:"Skipper, you're getting it all over my back!"


Gilligan:"But that's alright! Thank you!"

Skipper:"That's very nice of you!"

Gilligan:"You're welcome!"

Skipper:"Now, let's try and get up!"(Gilligan tries, and tugs and pulls on the Skipper.)

Skipper:"Together!"(They manage to get on their feet being stuck to each other.)

Gilligan tugs and pulls on the Skipper again.

Skipper:"What are you doing!?"

Gilligan:"I gotta go get my shoe!"

Skipper:"Never mind that!"

Gilligan:"You're right! I don't need my shoe!"(He tugs and pulls on the Skipper again, this time, in the opposite direction.)

Skipper:"Where are you going now!?"

Gilligan:"I'm going to get the palm leaves, like you told me!"

Skipper:"Gilligan! Will you get back here!?"(Gives Gilligan a good hefty yank. Now they're stuck to the boat.)

Gilligan:"Well, at least I'm closer to my shoe!

Skipper:"GILLIGAN! We have got to be calm and logical. Now, let's think!"

Gilligan:"Right! Think!"(Puts his hand up to his face in a thinking position, which has now been glued to his face.)

Skipper:"I've got it! What we need is leverage."

Gilligan:"Yeah! Why don't you grab the rail and push!"

Skipper:"Good idea Gilligan!"(The Skipper grabs the rail with the glue from the bucket earlier all over his arm and hand. He becomes to stuck to the rail, and has now become increasingly frustrated. He turns towards Gilligan giving him the evil eye. Gilligan just looks off into space as if there's nothing at all wrong.)

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Season 1 Forget Me, Not

Professor:"Skipper, I'd like you to meet Mr. & Mrs. Howell!"

Skipper:"I beg your pardon, what'd you say your name was again?"

Mrs. Howell:"Oh Skipper, you're playing games again!"

Professor:"Mrs. Howell, I assure you, this is no game. The Skipper's lost his memory."

Mrs. Howell:"Oh dear. I wonder if he could've left it here? It's hard to tell in all this mess."

Mr. Howell:"Pay attention Lovey! He's lost memory, he doesn't know who he is!"

Mrs. Howell:"Don't be ridiculous! He's the Captain! Aren't you the Captain, Captain?"

Skipper:"I don't know who I am lady!"

Mrs. Howell:"Awe the poor man!"

Professor:"Yes. And besides that, he's the only one who knows how to signal those Navy ships!"

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Season 3 Take a Dare

Skipper & Gilligan are at the Lagoon, Skipper is standing on the beach fishing. Gilligan is sitting cross legged on the beach.

Skipper:"I got another one! I got another one!"(A small fish plops down on the beach next to Gilligan.)

Gilligan(Picks up the fish, and stands up.):"Hey Skipper, if you catch one more, you'll have enough for a whole can of Sardines!"

Skipper:"Very funny!"

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Season 3 Voodoo 

Professor:"I would say it was a geological phenomenon caused by volcanic activity beneath the Earth's surface resulting into concentration of heat in a specific location."

Gilligan:"There's only one thing I don't understand."

Professor:"What's that?"

Gilligan:"How come the ground got so hot underneath our feet?"

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Season 3 Voodoo

Professor:"I've told you time after time after time……-" (Professor has spotted the voodoo witch doctor who's turned him into a zombie. He freezes up.)

Skipper:"Talking to him is like talking to a wall!"

Gilligan:"Do you notice anything different about the Professor?"

Skipper:"There's nothing different about the Professor, he's just as stubborn as he ever was!"(Notices the Professor is frozen and not saying anything anymore.)

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I think in Rescue From Gilligan's Island(1978) that metal disk Gilligan found from the Russian satellite is a household clothes dryer machine silver timer knob that they probably painted gold. Sure does look like a clothes dryer machine timer knob.

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Gilligan's Island franchise

1. The original series (1964-1967)

2. TV movies:

    - Rescue From Gilligan's Island (1978)

    - The Castaways On Gilligan's Island (1979)

    - The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island (1981)

3. Animated series:

    - The New Adventures of Gilligan (1974-1977)

    - Gilligan's Planet (1982-1983)

4. Spin-off series:

    - Dusty's Trail (1973-1974)

5. Reality TV series:

    - The Real Gilligan's Island (2005-2006)

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