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Mission Impossible


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3 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

Nice picture. Thanks for posting it. Although I did have trouble telling if it was an old picture of Boss or Abraham Lincoln Hogg. 

Lol...a pic from the “M.I.” episode Shock, but in “Dukes” world, definitely of ‘Boss’, as Booke was NOT a nice guy in this episode either! :p  Although still a bad-guy, it was actually kind of cool seeing Sorrell as a totally different kind of character. 

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Actors love showing their ability to play anything. I can definitely imagine seeing Sorrell being a bad guy since he is a bit naughty on Dukes but I think it would bother me to see someone like Daisy or Enos playing a terrorist or mass murderer. I still remember seeing Andy Griffith playing a a bad guy after Mayberry ended and that was weird. But from a professional standpoint an actor never wants to be pigeonholed into one particular personality. 

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an actor never wants to be pigeonholed into one particular personality. 


If it was me, I wouldn't care, if it was a good guy ( or a " Good" crook, e.g., Rosco, Boss etc.) and  I made that kind of money and was that popular....I wouldn't care. I also noticed that Sorrell really was quite fat even in other roles but of course he was fatter  as Boss Hogg via fat pads!

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Watching this episode again right now...this time on Blu-ray, as before was a DVD. I recently acquired the new/newer Blu-ray set of the original “M.I.” TV show...and I have to say I am mesmerized by the quality of Blu-ray, even compared to DVD—especially with older shows & movies!

I’ve done this with Miami Vice and Charlie’s Angels too, and I’ve not been disappointed. I plan to get the Blu-ray sets of Knight Rider and Magnum p.i. soon, as well.  Now...what we need is a complete series Blu-ray set of Dukes of Hazzard!!!  :tup:

It’s still fun and cool seeing Sorrell Booke play such a different character...amazing actor! 8-)

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