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1:18 Scale General Lee

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7 hours ago, Roth Potter said:

And I also use Flickr. All the pictures I have posted on here are hosted on that website. By now that is 1800+ pictures for free.

I just checked, and I actually *do* have a Flickr Account....which, apparently, I started way back in 2006 and barely used....I'll look at making use of that for my photos here from now on :-)

I've also seen people use Tumblr and Deviant Art....are they the same type of thing, or is Flikr pretty much the only one that will allow Photo Sharing for Free?

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Tumblr is a side to post sort of blog pictures or pictures of all the same thing. Can be a good source if your searching for a certain something. Someone probably has a great flickr page about General Lees for example, but its not a picture hosting site really. Deviant Art is to post art you make, not host pictures although they might allowed to have art you post there to be posted on other websites. I'm not sure.

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Thank you :-)

Sorry my skills (such as they are) aren't up to the quality of the car that I used as the Base Car - a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in 1:18 Scale (as seen here), but, I do what I can with the skills I have :-)











I have a few other examples on my Flikr if people want to see them as well?




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Didn't actually think of doing that....

The Lamborghini is the Base Car that I used, which is available in Orange or Black....depending on what Stock is available at the time, and there's also an AUDI R8 GT available as well, available in Red or Black, and again, depending on what Stock is available at the time (which, unfortunately, is completely random), and I usually just throw out the Body as it's the Chassis I make use of, which has the R.C. Circuitry, and of course the Wheels and the Lights, all in place for me to then make whatever Car I decide to at that time....depending, of course, on my Model Skills, the difficulty level of the Vehicle to begin with, and whatever References are available for it as well....on-line, or otherwise

To that end, I've also made a Herbie, a Batalak, a Bluesmobile, a Priscilla Bus, and a Mad Max Interceptor....the latter I'll be making again, as it was crashed a few times while getting some 'driving practice' :-/

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11 hours ago, Roth Potter said:

Oh, you made the RC car with the skin of a Charger made from wood. Very creative! 

Not too heavy?

Thank you :-)

Surprisingly, it wasn't very heavy at all :-)

The Base Car had a Plastic Body, Plastic Windows, and various Metal Screws that gave it some weight....all of which I removed and threw out as I didn't need them for my Model

Plus, I trimmed the Chassis a bit in both Front and Back as the General Lee is shorter than the Lamborghini

The Wood that I normally use is 4mm Balsa Wood Planks, and from there, I find whatever picture I need on-line (or in some cases, draft my own), enlarge/reduce it by Photocopier to the size I need, and go from there

After cutting out the pieces I needed for the Sides, trimming them as necessary, and marking them up as needed, I glued them directly onto the Chassis and built up from there

The 'Bull Bar' (such as it was) was two short pieces of Brass Rod, and a short length of rectangular Plastic Tubing, with holes made in the Tubing and the Front Bumper Bar to allow the pieces of Rod to fit, and were then all glued in accordingly

The Glue that I normally use is normal PVA Hobby Glue, but I also use Super Glue when necessary as well :-)

When it came to the Painting Stage, I used Humbrol Matt White Enamel 34 for the Primer, and Tamiya Acrylic X-6 for the Main Colour

From there, I also used Tamiya Black X-1 for the Windows and a couple of other areas, Tamiya Chrome Silver X-11 for the Front and Rear Bumper Bars, Tamiya Lemon Yellow X-8 for the Front Indicators, and Tamiya Red X-7 for the Rear Indicators

Here are a few photos of the Primer Stage for reference :-)








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