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Not much of a writer, but I have an idea about Bo and Luke.


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Hi, I'm Loriann and I have an idea that maybe one of y'all could cobble a story out of.

I was mulling over the idea that maybe Bo and Luke are not cousins, but brothers. Suppose that Luke's and Bo's parents were extremely close to each other. Bo's parents want a baby and cannot either carry a baby to term or cannot conceive. So Luke's parents gave the gift of a lifetime and had Bo and gave him to Luke's parents to adopt.

Uncle Jesse knows. Perhaps Roscoe knows. Maybe boss Hogg's wife knows. Daisy and the boys grow up never knowing. It comes out when suddenly Uncle Jesse passes away and somehow Bo's adoption papers are found. This info devastates Bo to the point that he leaves the family.

Time goes by. Luke and daisy try to convince Bo that they love him and he's a Duke no matter what. Over time, Bo starts feeling ill. Bo gets diagnosed with kidney failure and the adoption thing comes up. At some point, Luke and daisy are told that Bo could recieve a kidney from an unrelated donor and Luke jumps on that and gets tested immediately. Bo, on the other hand, refuses to consider Luke as a donor and becomes sicker.

The test results come back and lo and behold, they are a perfect related match. All antibodies match. Somehow mrs. Hogg or Roscoe tell Luke about the whole adoption thing and how Bo is actually his brother. He goes to Bo and when bo says "leave me alone. I'm not you're cousin", Luke cuts him off and says "you're right, you're not my cousin. You're my brother", and tearfully tells Bo the story, and tells Bo how he's always felt protective over him and how they've been best friends, even more so than the other cousins. Of course, kidney gets transplanted, all is well and the Duke family lives happily ever after and Bo and Luke are brothers in the truest sense of the word.

So, my sticking points. Could this happen in The Duke universe? How would Luke's real brother fit in to this scenario? Depending on the age difference between Bo and Luke, could Bo be born and Luke be too young to remember? Could Roscoe pull his head out of his butt long enough to be a part of this history and actually share this with Luke? I always felt like in spite of Roscoe constantly chasing the boys, that if the chips were down, he'd be team Duke all the way. I could definitely see the boys bonding preop and getting into trouble at the hospital. Any ideas or changes are welcome. I'd love to see what y'all could do with this idea, if anything. Thanks!

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