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NASCAR season 2005.....

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Jeff Gordon ??? Oh Lord please help Garrett Duke through this and show him the way...

I like Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. will always be my favorite driver in NASCAR, may his soul rest in peace. I am also ABG! Anybody but Gordan.

Dixie ....No questioning the "King" Richard Petty. He is my all time favorite driver along with Dale Earnhardt . I have been to his shop - Petty Enterprises and museum numerous times and met him a couple of times. I am not taking away his achievements, but a ton of those wins came when NASCAR was racing 40-60 races a year on every kind of track (speedways, dirt tracks, local short tracks,) when they raced 2 or 3 times a week.

Richard Petty has my respect as the "King" and Dale Earnhardt has my respect at being the best stock car driver ever......

43 & 3 = 7 Championships

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Yeah, I know it's not possible the way the races are run now for other drivers to win 201 races. Richard Petty is the 'King' not just because of his wins but because of his contributions to the sport. I have never met him but have met Kyle. Yet, I have been to two races when Richard was running. One being his last race in Atlanta, as well as the Alabama concert the night before. Richard ran season for the fans.

I could be wrong but this is just my opinion which may not be a very popular one. Now, I'm sorry I never like Earnhart, Sr. -- to me he just had more important things than his fans. At Atlanta that year he was in his personal car wanting out the gate before all the cars were off the track.

NASCAR is what it is because of the drivers, yes. But if it weren't for us watching them drive you'd not have a sport.

From the way the qualifying is going in Daytona it will be interesting tomorrow no matter who your driver is!


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