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Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard

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16 hours ago, Wakko said:

I saw some questions asked that I was going to respond to, but they were from years ago and didn't bother.  lol.   

If no one's answered them, feel free to respond.

It's easy to imagine that all questions about Dukes must've been asked and answered by now, but new members like yourself always prove that wrong :).

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None of them were that important...one that strikes my memory is someone noticing something attached to a leaf spring and not realizing it was the standard helper spring that was added to many of the Generals.  I've seen them more on the jump cars than hero cars. 


If I get REALLY bored at work I'll go through the whole thread again.  :)

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I've got a reunion special for today.

Everyone must remember this jump right?
This is pretty certain the same car. Look at how the pushbar went forward and how the grille is hanging together with the rear damage and missing bumperettes.
Not sure what happened with the wipers though noR the license plate, which was mounted in a rather odd position too.

And now three pictures from the 1997 movie. From a pretty familiar location! See if you know where and what.



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I've not been actively posting in this thread but there are a some ones I have not posted yet. Which will be posted eventually.

That was the good news over. The website where I have been hosting all these pictures will be limiting my account to 1000 picture and beginning of Februari will be removing the oldest ones till I am at 1000 pictures. I have 3200 pictures on there and 1900 Dukes behind the scenes pictures, so thats quite a big chunk.

I will be posting a lot of them again when I have access to the new host, not just to get the thread kickstarted but to conserve them on here again.

If there's any pictures you specifically wanna see, tag me and I'll look what i can do once its up and running.

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On 4/18/2014 at 10:54 PM, Roth Potter said:


At first I thought this was a screencap, but after closer inspection of the scene on the DVD I only find a close-up, and definitely no glass in Bo his hand.

Hi folks,
My first time in a LOOONG time posting on the forum, and a lot of great photos to get through, but a couple of points I've picked up on from a quick browse this evening (I'll keep it to just two as I'm still remembering how to quote without losing what I'm writing!)

Although an old post, this above photo, taken from the filming of s2's "Road Pirates", actually relates to an incident on-set that John Schneider has recounted several times, including in a video that is available on YouTube. (By the way, shots from this episode are fairly easy to identify as Bo wears his blue t-shirt with no cream shirt over it for the whole episode, quite a rarity).
Bo and Luke were handcuffed to Cletus (filling in for the absent Enos) and running down the street, where they were to do a routine where Cletus, cuffed to them both, was to get caught up on a lamppost. As Rick Hurst hit the lamppost, the glass top on the lamppost - which had not been attached properly - came crashing down, hitting John! This shot seems to have been taken moments afterwards, where John has just picked it up. I'd imagine the footage does or did, exist as an out-take at one point. I've heard the story told longer in whatever interview, but it is briefly referenced in this video -

My other note for the time being is on several shots of Waylon Jennings on the set (I'm not gonna try and find and attach them from the thread - quoting stuff and not losing what I'm writing I'm still remembering how to do!) Invariably these shots get attributed to s7's "Welcome, Waylon Jennings", but several of them are visibly from earlier in the show's run. In at least one of them, Luke is wearing a plain blue shirt (which he only wore during s2), and it is also evident from John's hair - his different hairstyle in s7 makes it actually fairly easy to identify shots from s7 episodes, but in these shot with Waylon, his hair is in an earlier circa-s2 style. I'd imagine that Waylon would visit the set once in a while if in the area, even if he didn't appear on-screen until "Welcome, Waylon Jennings".

That is all for now. Apologies for suddenly commenting on such old posts, but hope at least some of that is of interest.

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It is good to hear from you again PJ. It's always fun to dig up old threads. This place is so vast when it comes to old treasures that are just waiting to be excavated and revived. When I retire someday I'm going to spend a lot of time sorting through the thousands of boxes tucked away in the HazzardNet's attic and basement. Meadowmufn sure is a packrat. I'm glad all this stuff has been saved. It's like a museum of Hazzard County history.

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