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Funny Story about my daughter


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Let me start by saying I have three girls and they're all gorgeous, so as a dad, I have aneurisms on a regular basis.

Anyway, my oldest is 15 and she went out on her first official date last night. I'm ex-military with some time in the sand box and PTSD to prove it. SO, ...I'm out in the shop working on my Chevelle when Cora, (my oldest) comes out to inform me that she's going on a date and the guy will be here any minute.

I've had visions of this moment for years. The ole' cleaning a gun when he shows up, whispering in his ear, they'll never find his body, etc.

Cora asks me nicely, "When you meet him can you not be, ...well, ....you."

:-? Ummm. Ok.

So he shows up and I introduce myself and we talk for a little bit before they leave. I was trying very hard to be nice. Honest.

On the way to dinner, the boy asks Cora if "I'm always like that." She says sheepishly, "...yeah".

Then he says, "He scares the crap out of me and I don't usually intimidate easily."


So Cora tells a secret. "Yeah, he was in the Army and can kill people with his thumb."

They had a second date for tonight, but he called and said he had an anxiety attack and backed out. .....:D ....Gee, I hope it wasn't me.

.......I REALLY WAS TRYING TO BE NICE!!! :innocent:

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As the father of a daughter and two step daughters I can relate so I loved this story.

My daughter is 28 and my twin step daughters are 30 so I remember going through what you're just now starting to experience. Thankfully I survived and now they all have families of their own. After having no sons I've been blessed with 4 grandsons and a one year old granddaughter so it's going to be a long time before I have to worry about her going out on her first date. By that time you'll be where I'm at now.

Just a bit of advice, don't scare away the good guys. Someday you'll be happy when you have good sons-in-laws. Feel free to chase off the idiots though. Someday your girls will thank you....even though it might take some time for them to understand.

By the way, thank you for serving your country.

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True story. When my sister brought her boyfriend over to meet our parents for the first time, my dad had just gotten home from dove hunting and was cleaning his shotgun on the front porch. LOL! He didn't intend for that to be his first impression, but it was accidentally. At any rate, the boyfriend stuck around and my sister ended up marrying him. :)

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The whole "cleaning the gun on the porch" thing is what my dad said he is going to do. It hasn't happened yet but I can only guess it will be soon.

Greatly enough, in a matter of days we will have the whole house to ourselves and won't have any upstairs neighbors so that means my dad will have a porch to sit on when I leave and come back from a date. It will be interesting to see how my date will react 'cause my dad is a good actor.

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