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I'm back now. I completely missed this place. My life changed a lot while I've been gone, and I've gone through a lot of changes myself. I'm almost at the end of my junior year in high school and I'm 16 now! I remember I signed up here at like 13! Seems so long ago. I even have already been to my Junior Prom, as well as getting my barrel racing career going again.

Other minimal changes such as getting my ears pierced for a second time, new hair styles and experimenting with makeup have gone down but over time I really never lost my love for Dukes of Hazzard. Even when I manage to slink away from it..Something..Though I'm not sure what yet, pulls me right back in. Maybe its Bo and Luke? *Giggles.* I don't know..But I really have missed this place and I feel like maybe its time to come back to a place that was my second home that I could escape from when things got tough.

I have missed ya'll and love all of ya'll! I'm glad to be back!

(Oh P.S. If you wanna see prom pictures, you can totally message me!)

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I'm really really really glad to see you back!!! :D

16 years old... Oh My GOD... you' re so... young. I'm slowly realizing that I'm... 20 years older than you!!!!!!! :roll:

Oh, well, this is the best thing (one of the best things) of Hazzardnet: it involves several people, of totally different ages and different places. Great.

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