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He had good quotes too.

Y'all better not go to the refrigerator now.

(Enos falling down a hill)

Now we all know Enos is head over heals in love with Daisy, but ain't he carrying things a bit too far?

Now if I had a day like ol' Jesse's been having, I'd go back to bed.

Now this here is Cooter's farm. I bet y'all thought he slept on a grease rack over the garage didn't ya?

(we actually did think that)

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"When Boss Hogg says somebody gets arrested, somebody's gonna get arrested. And Bo and Luke are prime candidates to be somebody."

"If I was Mary Kaye's baby, I think I'd think twice about bein' born today."

"Now to the Duke Boys, this is just like takin' Grandmaw on a Sunday drive."

"Now, about Rosco's word: He has to have somebody else call his dogs, because they don't even believe him anymore."

Cooter: Possum on a gumbush!

Balladeer: Nope. It's Daisy on an RV.

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